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114 results
  • Identification of FDA-Approved Drugs with Activity against Stationary Phase Bartonella henselae. [Journal Article]
    Antibiotics (Basel) 2019; 8(2)Li T, Feng J, … Zhang Y
  • Bartonella henselae can cause various infections in humans, ranging from benign and self-limiting diseases to severe and life-threatening diseases as well as persistent infections that are difficult to treat. To develop more effective treatments for persistent Bartonella infections, in this study, we performed a high-throughput screen of an FDA-approved drug library against stationary phase B. he…
  • Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed): Oxiconazole [BOOK]
    National Library of Medicine (US): Bethesda (MD)BOOK
  • Topical oxiconazole has not been studied during breastfeeding. Because less than 1% is absorbed after topical application, it is considered a low risk to the nursing infant.[1] Avoid application to the nipple area and ensure that the infant's skin does not come into direct contact with the areas of skin that have been treated. Only water-miscible cream or gel products should be applied to the bre…
  • Evaluation of a novel oxiconazole nitrate formulation: The thermosensitive gel. [Journal Article]
    Saudi Pharm J 2018; 26(5):665-672Arslan A, Kose Ozkan C, … Ozkan Y
  • Superficial fungal infections caused by Candida species are common skin diseases. Therefore, this study aimed to develop a new formulation containing oxiconazole nitrate, which is an azole group derivative for antifungal treatment, as a thermosensitive gel since there has been no literature study until now. MIC value of the novel thermosensitive formulation against three Candida species was calcu…
  • Hyperinflation-Definitions and Causes. [Journal Article]
    J Pharm Pract 2018; 31(4):370-373Saltiel M, Finnefrock M
  • Hundreds of oral and injectable generic drugs have seen dramatic price increases during the 2010s. Several reasons for the astronomic price increases have been postulated, ranging from reduced competition, shortages in the manufacturing supply chain, very small markets, market consolidation, the Unapproved Drugs Initiative of 2006, and unanticipated manufacturing safety issues. In one survey, ove…
  • Nationwide survey of neonatal invasive fungal infection in Japan. [Multicenter Study]
    Med Mycol 2018; 56(6):679-686Ishiwada N, Kitajima H, … Kamei K
  • Invasive fungal infection (IFI) is a life-threating infectious disease in high-risk neonates. Strategies for the treatment and prevention of IFI in neonates in Japan remain unclear. We conducted a nationwide retrospective survey to determine IFI incidence between January 2014 and October 2015. Primary survey questionnaires were submitted to 309 medical facilities that regularly treat high-risk ne…
  • Topical antiviral and antifungal medications in pregnancy: a review of safety profiles. [Review]
    J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol 2017; 31(9):1440-1446Patel VM, Schwartz RA, Lambert WC
  • Medications should be employed with caution in women of childbearing age who are pregnant or considering pregnancy. Compared to oral or parenteral agents, topical medications have limited systemic absorption and are deemed safer. However, their safety profile must be assessed cautiously due to the limited available data. In this article, we aggregate human and animal studies to provide recommenda…
  • [In vitro antifungal susceptibility profile of Scopulariopsis brevicaulis isolated from onychomycosis]. [Journal Article]
    Rev Esp Quimioter 2015; 28(4):210-3Carrillo-Muñoz AJ, Tur-Tur C, … Giusiano G
  • We studied the in vitro antifungal activity profile of amorolfine (AMR), bifonazole (BFZ), clotrimazole (CLZ), econazole (ECZ), fluconazole (FNZ), itraconazole (ITZ), ketoconazole (KTZ), miconazole (MNZ), oxiconazole (OXZ), tioconazole (TCZ) and terbinafine (TRB) against 26 clinical isolates of Scopulariopsis brevicaulis from patients with onychomycosis by means of an standardized microdilution m…
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