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(oxygen therapy)
112,153 results
  • Blue light-triggered photochemistry and cytotoxicity of retinal. [Journal Article]
    Cell Signal 2020; :109547Ratnayake K, Payton JL, … Karunarathne A
  • The chemical- and photo- toxicity of chromophore retinal on cells have long been debated. Although we recently showed that retinal and blue light exposure interrupt cellular signaling, a comprehensive study examining molecular underpinnings of this perturbation and its consequences to cellular fate is lacking. Here, we report molecular evidence for blue light excited-retinal induced oxidative dam…
  • Molecular mechanisms in Cognitive Frailty: potential therapeutic targets for oxygen-ozone treatment. [Review]
    Mech Ageing Dev 2020; :111210Scassellati C, Ciani M, … Geroldi C
  • In the last decade, cognitive frailty has gained great attention from the scientific community. It is characterized by high inflammation and oxidant state, endocrine and metabolic alterations, mitochondria dysfunctions and slowdown in regenerative processes and immune system, with a complex and multifactorial aetiology. Although several treatments are available, challenges regarding the efficacy …
  • Protein-stabilized gold nanoclusters for PDT: ROS and singlet oxygen generation. [Journal Article]
    J Photochem Photobiol B 2020; 204:111802Poderys V, Jarockyte G, … Rotomskis R
  • Suitable properties as well as eco-friendly synthesis of photoluminescent Au nanoclusters (NCs) make them promising compounds for biomedical diagnostics and visualization applications. However, the potential photochemical activity of such agents on cancerous cells is largely unknown. The nanoclusters (BSA-Au NCs) were synthetized in the presence of BSA (an average hydrodynamic diameter was about …
  • Targets and pathways involved in the antitumor activity of citral and its stereo-isomers. [Review]
    Eur J Pharmacol 2020; :172945Bailly C
  • This review provides a comprehensive analysis of the anticancer potential of the natural product citral (CIT) found in many plants and essential oils, and extensively used in the food and cosmetic industry. CIT is composed of two stereoisomers, the trans-isomer geranial being a more potent anticancer compound than the cis-isomer neral. CIT inhibits cancer cell proliferation and induces cancer cel…
  • Biomedical Application of Manganese Dioxide Nanomaterials. [Journal Article]
    Nanotechnology 2020Chen Y, Cong H, … Yu B
  • Manganese dioxide nanomaterial is a new type of inorganic nanomaterial, which has lots of advantages, as shown blow:simple preparation, low cost and environmental friendliness. This review summarizes the traditional and novel synthetic methods for manganese dioxide nanomaterials and mainly discusses the potential applications of manganese dioxide nanomaterials in biomedical applications. Manganes…
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