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4,561 results
  • Atypical neutrophilic panniculitis as presentation of BCR-ABL1-negative chronic myeloid leukaemia. [Journal Article]
    BMJ Case Rep 2019; 12(10)Fraticelli P, Benfaremo D, … Gabrielli A
  • We report the case of an otherwise healthy 60-year-old man presenting with fever, leucocytosis and a painful swelling of the right calf. We initially performed cultural and cytological examination of the popliteal fossa mass, but the results were disappointingly inconclusive. The subsequent development of several erythematous subcutaneous nodules, rapidly evolving to broad ulcerative lesions, pro…
  • Panniculitis-Like Presentation of Extracavitary Primary Effusion Lymphoma. [Journal Article]
    Am J Dermatopathol 2019Saggini A, Di Prete M, … Anemona L
  • Primary effusion lymphoma (PEL) is defined as a HHV-8-associated large B-cell lymphoma, which favors HIV-infected young adults, typically presenting as a serous (pleural, pericardial, or peritoneal) effusion with no identifiable tumor mass. Uncommon instances of lymphoid proliferations with the same morphology, immunophenotype, and molecular features as PEL, but occurring as a solid tumor mass wi…
  • Suspected inflammatory rheumatic diseases in patients presenting with skin rashes. [Review]
    Best Pract Res Clin Rheumatol 2019; :101440Alves F, Gonçalo M
  • Skin lesions occur, often at very early stages, in many of the most frequent inflammatory rheumatic diseases such as in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), dermatomyositis (DM), systemic sclerosis (SSc), Sjögren's syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and psoriatic arthritis. It is important to recognize the different specific cutaneous lesions in SLE (e.g., "butterfly" rash in acute, annular or p…
  • Subcutaneous Panniculitis-Like T Cell Lymphoma: Approach to Differential Diagnosis on Cytology. [Journal Article]
    J Adolesc Young Adult Oncol 2019Gochhait D, Kekade S, … Chandrashekar L
  • Sighting a case of subcutaneous panniculitis-like T cell lymphoma (SPTCL) in cytology is very rare in a clinical scenario. Among the differential diagnoses (D/D) of a subcutaneous nodule undergoing fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC), it is hardly considered in the list. The common D/D on cytology would be panniculitis or a non-SPTCL lymphoma. To make a correct cytological diagnosis, the patho…
  • Nakajo-Nishimura syndrome and related proteasome-associated autoinflammatory syndromes. [Journal Article]
    J Inflamm Res 2019; 12:259-265Ohmura K
  • Nakajo-Nishimura syndrome (NNS) is a rare hereditary autoinflammatory disorder with lipodystrophy. This disease is caused by a homozygous mutation of PSMB8 gene, which encodes immunoproteasome subunit β5i. Phenotypes of NNS patients are periodic fever, pernio-like rash, nodular erythema-like eruptions, and lipomuscular dystrophy, especially in the upper body, leading to the characteristic long, c…
  • Pancreatitis, Panniculitis, and Polyarthritis Syndrome Simulating Cellulitis and Gouty Arthritis. [Case Reports]
    Korean J Gastroenterol 2019; 74(3):175-182Kim EJ, Park MS, … Lee S
  • Pancreatitis, panniculitis, and polyarthritis (PPP) syndrome is a rare but critical disease with a high mortality rate. The diagnostic dilemma of PPP syndrome is the fact that symptoms occur unexpectedly. A 48-year-old man presented with fever and painful swelling of the left foot that was initially mistaken for cellulitis and gouty arthritis. The diagnosis of PPP syndrome was made based on the a…
  • Pancreatic panniculitis. [Journal Article]
    Rev Esp Enferm Dig 2019; 111(10):812-813Torres-Navarro I, Rojas-Ferrer N, Botella-Estrada R
  • Pancreatic panniculitis (PP) is an infrequent manifestation of pancreatic pathology (2%). This condition has mainly been described in association with acute and chronic pancreatitis, in males aged 40-60 years with chronic alcoholism, as was the case of this patient. However, it might also be the outset manifestation of a pancreatic neoplasm.
  • Early onset granulomatous arthritis, uveitis and skin rash: characterisation of skin involvement in Blau syndrome. [Journal Article]
    J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol 2019Poline J, Fogel O, … French Society for Rheumatology and Inflammatory Diseases (SOFREMIP) and the Research Group of Pediatric Dermatology French Society (GRSFDP)
  • CONCLUSIONS: Skin involvement in BS is the earliest clinical manifestation of the BS in the large majority of patients. The recognition of dermatological manifestations as granulomatous skin lesions and early dermatological expertise are the key to an early diagnosis of BS. In view of our results it seems reasonable to propose a simplified view of skin lesions of BS in which the granuloma is the keystructure.
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