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139 results
  • Verrucous-Keratotic Malignant Melanoma (VKMM). [Journal Article]
    Open Access Maced J Med Sci 2017; 5(4):547-548Damianov N, Tronnier M, … Tchernev G
  • We report a patient with a verrucous keratotic variant of melanoma visiting the policlinic of Medical Institute of Ministry of Interior (MVR-Sofia), Department of Dermatology and Dermatologic surgery, with a keratotic verrucous lesion, located on the right thigh, partially deeply pigmented at upper right quadrant. The lesion had appeared three years ago before her presentation in the policlinic, …
  • Papilliferous Keratoameloblastoma: A Rare Case Report. [Case Reports]
    Int J Appl Basic Med Res 2017 Apr-Jun; 7(2):139-142Rathore AS, Juneja S, … Shetty DC
  • Ameloblastoma is true odontogenic tumor of epithelial origin, which is described as locally aggressive with varying chances of recurrence. It is believed to derive from enamel organ, remnants of dental lamina, lining of odontogenic cysts, or basal cells of oral epithelium. Radiologically, it may present as unilocular or multilocular radiolucency commonly. Although conventional ameloblastoma prese…
  • Papilliferous Keratoameloblastoma of the Mandible - A Rare Case Report. [Case Reports]
    J Clin Diagn Res 2016; 10(8):ZD08-11Konda P, Bavle RM, … Venugopal R
  • Ameloblastomas are common odontogenic tumours that are benign and locally aggressive. Histopathologically, the tumor exhibits significant diversity with common and rare variants. Here, we report an unusual variant of a common odontogenic tumour in the mandibular posterior region on the right side in a 44-year old male patient. This is the sixth case of Papilliferous Keratoameloblastoma (PKA) to b…
  • Borderline ovarian cyst treated by laparoscopic surgery: clinical case report and literature review. [Case Reports]
    Rom J Morphol Embryol 2015; 56(4):1529-34Ţarcă E, Ciomaga IM, … Aprodu SG
  • Borderline ovarian serous tumors are a rare distinct category of epithelial ovarian tumors, distinguished from both benign and invasive ovarian tumors. As borderline ovarian cysts are only a small part of the gynecological conditions of children, the therapeutic approach to this special type of tumor has not been standardized yet. Despite the technological breakthroughs that we have witnessed lat…
  • Keratoameloblastoma: Report of a rare variant with review of literature. [Case Reports]
    Dent Res J (Isfahan) 2014; 11(5):610-4Raj V, Chandra S, … Dwivedi R
  • Ameloblastoma has intrigued clinicians as well as pathologists due to its diverse clinical behavior and histomorphologic presentations. Keratoameloblastoma is a rare histologic sub type, characterized by extensive keratin formation within ameloblastic epithelium, with only a handful number of cases described in the literature. Here, we report a case of this uncommon sub type of ameloblastoma in a…
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