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2,871,925 results
  • Not lost in host translation: the new roles of lncRNAs in infectious diseases. [Review]
    Cell Microbiol 2019; :e13119Reisacher C, Arbibe L
  • Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) play a central role in the regulation of gene expression. Although they were initially described as mRNA-like transcripts not encoding proteins, global approaches such as ribosome profiling have shown that they frequently associate with ribosomes, opening the possibility that lncRNAs are a source of cryptic translation events with functional roles. Recent studies ha…
  • Unlocking the concealed targets using system biology mapping for Alzheimer's disease. [Journal Article]
    Pharmacol Rep 2019; 71(6):1104-1107Joshi P, Kawade V, … Goel M
  • CONCLUSIONS: The biological pathway vs. drug mapping provides a complete overview about underlying biological pathways, therapeutic targets (explored and concealed), associated mechanisms, existing therapeutics and the information pertaining to molecules currently under active drug development for further drug discovery and drug re-positioning/repurposing approaches for AD management.
  • The unique antimicrobial peptide repertoire of stick insects. [Journal Article]
    Dev Comp Immunol 2019; :103471Shelomi M, Jacobs C, … Vogel H
  • The comparative analysis of innate immunity across different insect taxa has revealed unanticipated evolutionary plasticity, providing intriguing examples of immunity-related effector gene expansion and loss. Phasmatodea, the stick and leaf insects, is an order of hemimetabolous insects that can provide insight into ancestral innate immunity genes lost by later insect clades. We injected the stic…
  • Meningococcal Serogroup B Disease in Vaccinated Children. [Journal Article]
    J Pediatric Infect Dis Soc 2019Soler-Garcia A, Fernández de Sevilla M, … Noguera-Julian A
  • CONCLUSIONS: We present 4 children who developed MenB-associated IMD despite previous vaccination with 4CMenB. In 2 cases, the antibodies induced by 4CMenB likely were not effective against the isolated strains. A high level of suspicion for IMD seems advisable regardless of the patient's vaccination history.
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