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308 results
  • Unified mechanism of local drivers in a percolation model of atrial fibrillation. [Journal Article]
    Phys Rev E 2019; 100(6-1):062406Falkenberg M, Ford AJ, … Christensen K
  • The mechanisms of atrial fibrillation (AF) are poorly understood, resulting in disappointing success rates of ablative treatment. Different mechanisms defined largely by different atrial activation patterns have been proposed and, arguably, this dispute has slowed the progress of AF research. Recent clinical evidence suggests a unifying mechanism of local drivers based on sustained reentrant circ…
  • Dynamic arrest of adhesive hard rod dispersions. [Journal Article]
    Soft Matter 2020Murphy RP, Hatch HW, … Wagner NJ
  • The phenomenon of dynamic arrest, more commonly referred to as gel and glass formation, originates as particle motion slows significantly. Current understanding of gels and glasses stems primarily from dispersions of spherical particles, but much less is known about how particle shape affects dynamic arrest transitions. To better understand the effects of particle shape anisotropy on gel and glas…
  • Properties of Phosphorus-Slag-Based Cementitious Pastes for Stabilizing Lead. [Journal Article]
    Materials (Basel) 2019; 12(23)Huang X, Liu L, … Wang X
  • The properties and curing mechanism of leaded samples solidified with phosphorous-slag-based cementitious pastes are studied. The compressive strength, pH of percolate, and lead-ion concentrations of leaded samples stabilized with the phosphorous-slag-based cementitious pastes and cement were analyzed. Results confirmed that the phosphorous-slag-based cementitious paste performed much better than…
  • Morphology and proton diffusion in a coarse-grained model of sulfonated poly(phenylenes). [Journal Article]
    J Chem Phys 2019; 151(10):104901Clark JA, Santiso EE, Frischknecht AL
  • A coarse-grained model previously used to simulate Nafion using dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) is modified to describe sulfonated Diels-Alder poly(phenylene) (SDAPP) polymers. The model includes a proton-hopping mechanism similar to the Grotthuss mechanism. The intramolecular parameters for SDAPP are derived from atomistic molecular dynamics (MD) simulation using the iterative Boltzmann inve…
  • Beyond Better, Safer, Cheaper Health Care: What's Ultimately at Stake? [Journal Article]
    Acad Med 2019; 94(11):1679-1684Souba W, Tsai A
  • Health care reform continues to be controversial and divisive and takes its toll on physicians, patients, and national unity. An emphasis on efficiency and profit that depersonalizes human interactions hampers building physician-patient relationships grounded in compassion and trust. The authors argue that health care reform will be more effective if it is grounded in and anchored by a physician-…
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