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10 results
  • Optic chiasmatic-hypothalamic gliomas: is tissue diagnosis essential? [Journal Article]
    Neurol India. 2010 Nov-Dec; 58(6):833-40.Bommakanti K, Panigrahi M, … Purohit AK
  • CONCLUSIONS: Various lesions like craniopharyngiomas, tuberculomas can mimic optic chiasmatic-hypothalamic gliomas radiologically, and it is not possible to diagnose them with certainty on the basis of radiological findings alone. Biopsy and tissue diagnosis should always be sought before instituting radiotherapy or chemotherapy for optic chiasmatic-hypothalamic gliomas.
  • Regression of grade III astrocytoma during the treatment of CML with imatinib mesylate. [Case Reports]
    Am J Ther. 2006 Sep-Oct; 13(5):458-9.Jayawardena S, Sooriabalan D, … Maini A
  • Astrocytomas are central nervous system neoplasms, which are derived predominately from astrocytes. On the basis of the histopathologic characteristics astrocytomas are graded from I to IV. The cells that demonstrate the greatest degree of anaplasia are used to determine the histologic grade of the tumor. The mean age of survival are approximately 10 years from the time of diagnosis for pilocysti…
  • Rehabilitation of balance in two patients with cerebellar dysfunction. [Case Reports]
    Phys Ther. 1997 May; 77(5):534-52.Gill-Body KM, Popat RA, … Krebs DE
  • The treatment of two patients with cerebellar dysfunction is described. One patient was a 36-year-old woman with a 7-month history of dizziness and unsteadiness following surgical resection of a recurrent pilocystic astrocytoma located in the cerebellar vermis. The other patient was a 48-year-old man with cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis (CTX) and diffuse cerebellar atrophy, and a 10-year history o…
  • Late radiation necrosis of the brain: case report. [Case Reports]
    J Neurooncol. 1993 Jul; 17(1):37-42.Babu R, Huang PP, … Budzilovich GN
  • We report a case of radiation necrosis occurring 47 years after resection and radiotherapy for a juvenile pilocystic cerebellar astrocytoma, the longest yet reported. The patient presented with progressive lower cranial nerve dysfunction, and eventually died from cardiopulmonary arrest secondary to aspiration. The presentation, diagnosis, pathological features, and management of radiation necrosi…
  • Chromosome abnormalities in low-grade central nervous system tumors. [Journal Article]
    Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 1992 May; 60(1):67-73.Griffin CA, Long PP, … Brem H
  • Ependymomas, oligodendrogliomas, and low-grade astrocytomas are slow-growing central nervous system (CNS) tumors that occur in both adults and children, whereas craniopharyngiomas and choroid plexus papillomas occur predominantly in children. We examined karyotypes of 32 of these low-grade tumors, including ten oligodendrogliomas, six ependymomas, 11 low-grade astrocytomas, four craniopharyngioma…
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