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76 results
  • Genomic and Ecogenomic Characterization of Proteus mirabilis Bacteriophages. [Journal Article]
    Front Microbiol 2019; 10:1783Alves DR, Nzakizwanayo J, … Jones BV
  • Proteus mirabilis often complicates the care of catheterized patients through the formation of crystalline biofilms which block urine flow. Bacteriophage therapy has been highlighted as a promising approach to control this problem, but relatively few phages infecting P. mirabilis have been characterized. Here we characterize five phages capable of infecting P. mirabilis, including those shown to …
  • Conformation Study of Dual Stimuli-Responsive Core-Shell Diblock Polymer Brushes. [Journal Article]
    Polymers (Basel) 2018; 10(10)Chen K, Cao L, … Guo X
  • Stimuli-responsive nanoparticles are among the most popular research topics. In this study, two types of core-shell (polystyrene with a photoiniferter (PSV) as the core and diblock as the shell) polymer brushes (PSV@PNIPA-b-PAA and PSV@PAA-b-PNIPA) were designed and prepared using surface-initiated photoiniferter-mediated polymerization (SI-PIMP). Moreover, their pH- and temperature-stimuli respo…
  • Characterization of a blaIMP-4-carrying plasmid from Enterobacter cloacae of swine origin. [Journal Article]
    J Antimicrob Chemother 2019; 74(7):1799-1806Zhu Y, Zhang W, … Liu S
  • CONCLUSIONS: pIMP-4-EC62 represents the first fully sequenced IncHI2-type blaIMP-4-harbouring plasmid from E. cloacae in China. Co-location of blaIMP-4 with other resistance genes on an MDR plasmid is likely to further accelerate the dissemination of blaIMP-4 by co-selection among bacteria from humans, animals and the environment under the selective pressure of other antimicrobial agents, heavy metals and disinfectants.
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