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3,869 results
  • The microvascular alterations in frontal cortex during treatment with antipsychotics: a post-mortem study. [Journal Article]
  • RJRom J Morphol Embryol 2016; 57(2):501-6
  • Udriştoiu I, Marinescu I, … Mutică M
  • CONCLUSIONS: The evidences shown in our study highlight the fact that antipsychotics with potent antagonist action on D2 receptors may affect the neurovascular unit and small vessels in frontal cortex by altering the balance vasoconstriction-vasodilatation, thus reducing the blood flow and metabolism and generating structural microvascular changes proportional with the level of apoptosis at this level. The functional integrity of the dopaminergic system in frontal cortex depends on the vascular support and the capabilities of the neurovascular unit and any dysfunction increases the neuronal loss with clinically significant changes.The pathological data of our study raises the hypothesis for the pathogenic stages at the level of microvessels in the frontal cortex of the patients with schizophrenia or schizophrenia-spectrum disorders treated with D2-blocking antipsychotics: a stage with functional, reversible alterations that may be correlated with the impairments of working memory and presence of extrapyramidal symptoms and a lesional, irreversible stage with significant deterioration of cognition and global functioning. Further studies are needed to verify this hypothesis.
  • Nox2-Mediated PI3K and Cofilin Activation Confers Alternate Redox Control of Macrophage Pinocytosis. [Journal Article]
  • ARAntioxid Redox Signal 2016 Sep 13
  • Ghoshal P, Singla B, … Csányi G
  • CONCLUSIONS: In summary, these findings demonstrate a novel Nox2-mediated mechanism of solute uptake via macropinocytosis, with broad implications for both general cellular physiology and pathological processes. The redox mechanism described here may also identify new targets in atherosclerosis and other disease conditions involving macropinocytosis. Antioxid. Redox Signal. 00, 000-000.
  • Mitochondria-specific conjugated polymer nanoparticles. [Journal Article]
  • CCChem Commun (Camb) 2016 Apr 07; 52(27):4910-3
  • Twomey M, Mendez E, … Moon JH
  • Biodegradable conjugated polymer nanoparticles (CPNs) were prepared for high mitochondrial targeting in live cancer cells. The degradable CPNs are nontoxic and specifically localized to the mitochond...
  • Attacking the supply wagons to starve cancer cells to death. [Review]
  • FLFEBS Lett 2016; 590(7):885-907
  • Selwan EM, Finicle BT, … Edinger AL
  • The constitutive anabolism of cancer cells not only supports proliferation but also addicts tumor cells to a steady influx of exogenous nutrients. Limiting access to metabolic substrates could be an ...
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