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119,348 results
  • Respiratory motion correction for liver contrast-enhanced ultrasound by automatic selection of a reference image. [Journal Article]
    Med Phys 2019Zhang J, Zhang Y, … Xu H
  • CONCLUSIONS: The breathing frequency of rabbits is notably faster than that of human beings, but the proposed correction method could reduce the effect of the respiratory motion in the CEUS image sequences. The reference image was selected quantitatively, which could improve the accuracy of the quantitative analysis of rabbit liver CEUS sequences using the reference image method based on the current standard of manual selection and the MBMFRI. This easy-to-operate method can potentially be used in both animal studies and clinical applications. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
  • Dielectric and optical properties of porous graphenes with uniform pore structures. [Journal Article]
    J Mol Model 2019; 25(9):266Wang X, Ma X, … Yang M
  • Chemical synthesis for graphenes with uniform pore structures opens a new way for the precise modulation toward the performances of graphene-based materials. A family of porous graphenes with continuous and ordered pore distributions was designed by tracking the synthetic paths and studied by using density functional theory calculations. Three compounds with different pore sizes and orientations …
  • Learning and long-term retention of dynamic self-stabilization skills. [Journal Article]
    Exp Brain Res 2019Vimal VP, DiZio P, Lackner JR
  • In earlier studies, we had subjects use a joystick to balance themselves when seated in a device programmed to behave like an inverted pendulum. Subjects tested in a vertically oriented roll plane showed rapid learning for dynamically stabilizing themselves about the direction of balance when it corresponded with the direction of gravity. Subjects tested in a horizontally oriented roll plane, unl…
  • Post traumatic retinal injuries: Does the ocular protective reflex play a crucial role? [Journal Article]
    Med Hypotheses 2019; 131:109286Pujari A, Chawla R, … Kumar A
  • Traumatic retinal injuries are commonly encountered in most retinal subspecialty clinics. Retinal dialysis, detachment and other complications consequent to blunt trauma are often thought to be due to equatorial expansion of the globe following an antero-posterior compressive force. However, stretching of the globe along the primary anatomical equator may not hold true for the adjusted globe posi…
  • Guided Wave-Convolutional Neural Network Based Fatigue Crack Diagnosis of Aircraft Structures. [Journal Article]
    Sensors (Basel) 2019; 19(16)Xu L, Yuan S, … Ren Y
  • Fatigue crack diagnosis (FCD) is of great significance for ensuring safe operation, prolonging service time and reducing maintenance cost in aircrafts and many other safety-critical systems. As a promising method, the guided wave (GW)-based structural health monitoring method has been widely investigated for FCD. However, reliable FCD still meets challenges, because uncertainties in real engineer…
  • Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy for Kyphosis Following Lumbar Fusion Surgery. [Journal Article]
    Spine Surg Relat Res 2018; 2(3):221-225Otani K, Shindo S, … Okawa A
  • CONCLUSIONS: PSO for correction of kyphosis following previous lumbar fusion surgery was an effective procedure without correction loss at the local osteotomy site; however, its surgical invasiveness and complication rate were high. Subsequent vertebral fracture, adjacent segment degeneration, and rod fracture contribute to deterioration of outcome that is evident at long-term follow-up.
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