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55 results
  • Review on pneumatic operations in centrifugal microfluidics. [Journal Article]
    Lab Chip 2019; 19(22):3745-3770Hess JF, Zehnle S, … Paust N
  • Centrifugal microfluidics allows for miniaturization, automation and parallelization of laboratory workflows. The fact that centrifugal forces are always directed radially outwards has been considered a main drawback for the implementation of complex workflows leading to the requirement of additional actuation forces for pumping, valving and switching. In this work, we review and discuss the comb…
  • Bio-inspired robotic dog paddling: kinematic and hydro-dynamic analysis. [Journal Article]
    Bioinspir Biomim 2019; 14(6):066008Li Y, Fish F, … Zhou J
  • Research on quadrupedal robots inspired by canids or felids have been widely reported and demonstrated. However, none of these legged robots can deal with difficult environments that include water, such as small lakes, streams, rain, mud, flooded terrain, etc. In this paper, we present for the first time a kinematic analysis and a hydrodynamic model of dog paddling motion in a robotic system. The…
  • Graphene Oxide-Enabled Synthesis of Metal Oxide Origamis for Soft Robotics. [Journal Article]
    ACS Nano 2019; 13(5):5410-5420Yang H, Yeow BS, … Chen PY
  • Origami structures have been widely applied in various technologies especially in the fields of soft robotics. Metal oxides (MOs) have recently emerged as unconventional backbone materials for constructing complex origamis with distinct functionalities. However, the MO origami structures reported in the literature were rigid and not deformable, thus limiting their applications to soft robotics. H…
  • Dielectric Elastomer Artificial Muscle: Materials Innovations and Device Explorations. [Journal Article]
    Acc Chem Res 2019; 52(2):316-325Qiu Y, Zhang E, … Pei Q
  • Creating an artificial muscle has been one of the grand challenges of science and engineering. The invention of such a flexible, versatile, and power efficient actuator opens the gate for a new generation of lightweight, highly efficient, and multifunctional robotics. Many current artificial muscle technologies enable low-power mobile actuators, robots that mimic efficient and natural forms of mo…
  • Precharged Pneumatic Soft Actuators and Their Applications to Untethered Soft Robots. [Journal Article]
    Soft Robot 2018; 5(5):567-575Li Y, Chen Y, … Choi SH
  • The past decade has witnessed tremendous progress in soft robotics. Unlike most pneumatic-based methods, we present a new approach to soft robot design based on precharged pneumatics (PCP). We propose a PCP soft bending actuator, which is actuated by precharged air pressure and retracted by inextensible tendons. By pulling or releasing the tendons, the air pressure in the soft actuator is modulat…
  • Stormram 4: An MR Safe Robotic System for Breast Biopsy. [Journal Article]
    Ann Biomed Eng 2018; 46(10):1686-1696Groenhuis V, Siepel FJ, … Stramigioli S
  • Suspicious lesions in the breast that are only visible on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) need to be biopsied under MR guidance with high accuracy and efficiency for accurate diagnosis. The aim of this study is to present a novel robotic system, the Stormram 4, and to perform preclinical tests in an MRI environment. Excluding racks and needle, its dimensions are 72 × 51 × 40 mm. The Stormram 4 i…
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