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116 results
  • Malaria: What's New in the Management of Malaria? [Review]
    Infect Dis Clin North Am. 2019 03; 33(1):39-60.Plewes K, Leopold SJ, … Dondorp AM
  • The global burden of malaria remains high, with 216 million cases causing 445,000 deaths in 2016 despite first-line treatment with artemisinin-based combination therapy. Decreasing transmission in Africa shifts the risk for severe malaria to older age groups as premunition wanes. Prompt diagnosis and treatment with intravenous artesunate in addition to appropriate supportive management are critic…
  • Lifelong Persistence of Toxoplasma Cysts: A Questionable Dogma? [Review]
    Trends Parasitol. 2017 02; 33(2):93-101.Rougier S, Montoya JG, Peyron F
  • It is believed that infection by Toxoplasma gondii triggers a lifelong protective immunity due to the persistence of parasitic cysts which induce immunoprotection against reinfection. A review of the scientific literature since the 1950s did not yield any definitive data regarding the duration of cysts in the host or the presence of lifelong protective immunity, which led us to question this dogm…
  • Effect of HSV-IL12 Loaded Tumor Cell-Based Vaccination in a Mouse Model of High-Grade Neuroblastoma. [Journal Article]
    J Immunol Res. 2016; 2016:2568125.Bauer DF, Pereboeva L, … Lamb LS
  • We designed multimodal tumor vaccine that consists of irradiated tumor cells infected with the oncolytic IL-12-expressing HSV-1 virus, M002. This vaccine was tested against the syngeneic neuroblastoma mouse model Neuro 2a injected into the right caudate nucleus of the immunocompetent A/J mice. Mice were vaccinated via intramuscular injection of multimodal vaccine or uninfected irradiated tumor ce…
  • Explaining premunition with Kin selection using Haemonchus contortus. [Journal Article]
    Parasitology. 2016 08; 143(9):1187-92.Ketzis JK, Fogarty EA, … Bowman DD
  • Premunition is the state in a disease where an existing infection protects the host from reinfection with the same species. The cause of premunition is not clearly understood. In this study, we hypothesized that kin-selection might be a contributing factor in premunition. To test this theory, sheep were infected either once with a linguiform or smooth vulval morphotype of Haemonchos contortus, tw…
  • Consequences of HIV infection on malaria and therapeutic implications: a systematic review. [Review]
    Lancet Infect Dis. 2011 Jul; 11(7):541-56.Flateau C, Le Loup G, Pialoux G
  • Despite recent changes in the epidemiology of HIV infection and malaria and major improvements in their control, these diseases remain two of the most important infectious diseases and global health priorities. As they have overlapping distribution in tropical areas, particularly sub-Saharan Africa, any of their clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic interactions might have important effects on pa…
  • Natural regulatory T cells in malaria: host or parasite allies? [Review]
    PLoS Pathog. 2010 Apr 29; 6(4):e1000771.Hansen DS, Schofield L
  • Plasmodium falciparum malaria causes 500 million clinical cases with approximately one million deaths each year. After many years of exposure, individuals living in endemic areas develop a form of clinical immunity to disease known as premunition, which is characterised by low parasite burdens rather than sterilising immunity. The reason why malaria parasites persist under a state of premunition …
  • Imported malaria in immigrants to Italy: a changing pattern observed in north eastern Italy. [Journal Article]
    J Travel Med. 2009 Sep-Oct; 16(5):317-21.Mascarello M, Gobbi F, … Bisoffi Z
  • CONCLUSIONS: We found a changing pattern of malaria presentation in immigrants over a decade. The most likely explanation is the longer average stay outside endemic countries and subsequent loss of premunition observed in the second cohort. Immigrants living in Italy for some time and traveling to VFR should no more be considered a low-risk group for severe malaria. Pretravel advice should be particularly targeted to this group.
  • Longitudinal survey of malaria morbidity over 10 years in Saharevo (Madagascar): further lessons for strengthening malaria control. [Journal Article]
    Malar J. 2009 Aug 06; 8:190.Rabarijaona LP, Randrianarivelojosia M, … Domarle O
  • CONCLUSIONS: The incidence of malaria decreased slightly with age but remained important among children and adults in Saharevo. These results support that a premunition against malaria is slowly acquired until adolescence. However, this claims for a weak premunition among villagers in Saharevo and by extension in the whole eastern foothill area of Madagascar. While the Malagasy government turns towards malaria elimination plans nowadays, choices and expectations to up-date and adapt malaria control strategies in the foothill areas are discussed in this paper.
  • Experimental test for premunition in a lizard malaria parasite (Plasmodium mexicanum). [Journal Article]
    J Parasitol. 2007 Apr; 93(2):280-2.Vardo AM, Kaufhold KD, Schall JJ
  • Premunition in Plasmodium spp. is the prevention of superinfection by novel genotypes entering an already established infection in a vertebrate host. Evidence for premunition was sought for the lizard malaria parasite, P. mexicanum, in its natural host, the fence lizard, Sceloporus occidentalis. Clonal diversity (= alleles for the haploid parasite) was determined with the use of 3 microsatellite …
  • [Evidence of an urban, local transmission of malaria in Antananarivo, Madagascar]. [Journal Article]
    Med Trop (Mars). 2006 Apr; 66(2):143-8.Cot S, Matra R, … Ariey F
  • Madagascar presents a large heterogeneity in terms of climate and altitude, which explains the uneven spread of malaria throughout the island. The capital, Antananarivo, counts more than one million inhabitants, altitude between 1250 and 1470 m, in an area where the transmission is low but malaria may cause deadly epidemic outbreaks. Numerous malaria cases are reported, without biological confirm…
  • [Effects of high concentration CO2 on lily growth and its two allelochemicals]. [Journal Article]
    Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao. 2005 Jan; 16(1):111-4.Wei S
  • Under greenhouse condition, this paper studied the effects of different concentrations CO2 to the growth of oriental yellow poly-bud cut lily and to the two allelochemicals in lily leaves. The results showed that the optimum CO2 concentration for Pn was 600 micromol x mol(-1). There was less impact on photosynthesis when continually supplying 600-1000 micromol x mol(-1) CO2 for 45 days, probably …
  • Parasite diversity in adult patients with cerebral malaria: a hospital-based, case-control study. [Journal Article]
    Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2004 Dec; 71(6):754-7.Shigidi MM, Hashim RA, … Sokrab TE
  • Thirty adult patients with cerebral malaria (CM) were recruited for this study. Two clinical groups were used as controls: those with mild malaria (n = 20) and asymptomatic volunteers (n = 20). Thick and thin blood smears were examined for detection of Plasmodium falciparum and estimating infection intensity. A nested polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using allele-specific primers for merozoite sur…
  • Does malaria suffer from lack of memory? [Review]
    Immunol Rev. 2004 Oct; 201:268-90.Struik SS, Riley EM
  • It is widely perceived that immunity to malaria is, to an extent, defective and that one component of this defective immune response is the inability to induce or maintain long-term memory responses. If true, this is likely to pose problems for development of an effective vaccine against malaria. In this article, we critically review and challenge this interpretation of the epidemiological and ex…
  • Plasmodium falciparum multiplicity correlates with anaemia in symptomatic malaria. [Journal Article]
    Trop Med Int Health. 2003 Oct; 8(10):857-9.Mockenhaupt FP, Ehrhardt S, … Bienzle U
  • In 366 Ghanaian children with symptomatic Plasmodium falciparum malaria, low haemoglobin levels and severe anaemia were associated with a high multiplicity of infection (MOI) and with distinct merozoite surface protein alleles. High MOI not only reflects premunition but may also contribute to anaemia in symptomatic malaria.
  • [Malaria transmission in 1999 in the rice field area of the Kou Valley (Bama), (Burkina Faso)]. [Journal Article]
    Sante. 2003 Jan-Mar; 13(1):55-60.Baldet T, Diabaté A, Guiguemdé TR
  • A longitudinal study based on mosquitoes sampled by larvae prospecting and adult catches on humans was carried out during 1999 in the rice field area of the Kou Valley (South-West Burkina Faso) to evaluate the malaria transmission level. Two sites were studied: VK5 located in the rice field centre and VK7 in the periphery. Irrigation is sub-permanent and two crops are grown each year: from Februa…
  • Influence of CD4+CD25+ T cells on Plasmodium berghei NK65 infection in BALB/c mice. [Journal Article]
    Int J Parasitol. 2003 Feb; 33(2):175-83.Long TT, Nakazawa S, … Kanbara H
  • CD4(+) T cells co-expressing CD25 (CD4(+)CD25(+) T cells) have been identified as immunoregulatory suppressors modulating autoimmune response. Beside that, autoimmune response was supposed to be associated with malaria infection. Based on these data, we hypothesised that CD4(+)CD25(+) T cells may influence protective immunity to malaria parasites, while suppressing autoimmune response arising thr…
  • [The epidemiology of malaria in the southwestern forests of the Ivory Coast (Tai region)]. [Journal Article]
    Bull Soc Pathol Exot. 2002 Jun; 95(2):89-94.Nzeyimana I, Henry MC, … Carnevale P
  • An epidemiological study on malaria was undertaken between July 1995 and July 1996 in two villages (Zaïpobly and Gahably) and their encampments (Kouassikro, Hamanikro and Konankro), in the south-western forest area of Côte d'Ivoire (region of Taï). The parasitological scheme comprised a total of 2023 tests performed on children aged from 0 to 14 years. The species found were Plasmodium falciparum…
  • Premunition against Plasmodium falciparum in a malaria hyperendemic village in Myanmar. [Journal Article]
    Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg. 2001 Jan-Feb; 95(1):81-4.Soe-Soe , Khin-Saw-Aye , … Druilhe P
  • Premunition, naturally acquired protective immunity against Plasmodium falciparum, has been described in hyperendemic areas of Africa and Papua New Guinea. However, its occurrence in Asia is debatable. In order to elucidate this question, a longitudinal study was undertaken in Oo-Do, a malaria endemic village in Myanmar [Burma] in 1995-97. Only 2 species, Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax, were …
  • Molecular approaches to epidemiology and clinical aspects of malaria. [Review]
    Parasitol Today. 2000 Oct; 16(10):448-51.Brown GV, Beck HP, … Marsh K
  • Malaria is a problem of global importance, responsible for 1-2 million deaths per year, mainly in African children, as well as considerable morbidity manifested as severe anaemia and encephalopathy in young children. Fundamental to the development of new tools for malaria control in humans is an increased understanding of key features of malaria infection, such as the diversity of outcome in diff…
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