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1,377 results
  • A week-long outpatient induction onto XR-naltrexone in patients with opioid use disorder. [Journal Article]
    Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse 2019; :1-8Sibai M, Mishlen K, … Bisaga A
  • CONCLUSIONS: The results support the feasibility of a week-long outpatient induction onto XR-naltrexone with ascending doses of naltrexone and standing doses of adjunctive medications. By circumventing the need for a protracted period of abstinence and mitigating the severity of withdrawal symptoms experienced during naltrexone titration, this strategy has the potential to increase patient acceptability and access to relapse prevention treatment with XR-naltrexone.
  • A Brief Look at Urgent Care Visits for Migraine: The Care Received and Ideas to Guide Migraine Care in this Proliferating Medical Setting. [Journal Article]
    Headache 2019Minen MT, Zhou K, Miller L
  • CONCLUSIONS: The majority of patients in our study who sought medical treatment for migraine in these 2 urgent care centers were not established patients within the urgent care centers' healthcare system. While 93.6% (73/78) of patients were experiencing current pain upon presentation to the urgent care centers, only 12.3% (9/73) received administration of the medications with the highest level of evidence by the American Headache Society (Level B) for acute migraine treatment in an ED. In addition, the majority of patients with a migraine history presenting to the urgent care setting were not given triptans or anti-emetic prescriptions upon discharge from their urgent care visit. Having these migraine-specific prescriptions may improve self-treatment at home should a migraine attack recur.
  • Prescribing of antipsychotic drugs to older patients living at home 2006–18. [Journal Article]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen 2019; 139(16)Tveito M, Handal M, … Skurtveit S
  • It is generally agreed that prescribing of antipsychotic drugs to older patients should be reduced, but figures for the prescribing of these drugs to older patients living at home in Norway are not available. The study aimed to investigate developments in prescribing of antipsychotic drugs among older patients living at home from 2006 to 2018, and whether there were differences in prescribing rat…
  • LiverTox: Clinical and Research Information on Drug-Induced Liver Injury: Antipsychotic Agents [BOOK]
    National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases: Bethesda (MD)BOOK
  • Psychotic disorders include schizophrenia, the manic phase of manic-depressive illness (bipolar illness), acute psychosis and other conditions marked by acute, severe agitation. The antipsychotic medications are invaluable adjuncts to the treatment of psychosis and bipolar illness and have revolutionized management of these conditions. The antipsychotic agents in clinical use include the phenothi…
  • Transdermal Delivery of Antipsychotics: Rationale and Current Status. [Journal Article]
    CNS Drugs 2019; 33(9):849-865Abruzzo A, Cerchiara T, … Bigucci F
  • The aim of this article is to provide the rationale for the development of transdermal formulations of antipsychotics by highlighting their main advantages, starting with an overview of the antipsychotic formulations that are currently available on the market. Progress regarding transdermal antipsychotic formulations was investigated by performing a search of papers, patents and clinical trials p…
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