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41,651 results
  • High-Throughput Mapping of Long-Range Neuronal Projection Using In Situ Sequencing. [Journal Article]
    Cell 2019; 179(3):772-786.e19Chen X, Sun YC, … Zador AM
  • Understanding neural circuits requires deciphering interactions among myriad cell types defined by spatial organization, connectivity, gene expression, and other properties. Resolving these cell types requires both single-neuron resolution and high throughput, a challenging combination with conventional methods. Here, we introduce barcoded anatomy resolved by sequencing (BARseq), a multiplexed me…
  • A cell membrane-anchored DNA nano-platform for programming cellular interactions. [Journal Article]
    J Am Chem Soc 2019Li J, Xun K, … Tan W
  • Cell-cell interactions are mediated through compositions expressed on the membrane. Engineering the cell surface to display functional modules with high biocompatibility, high controllability and high stability, would offer great opportunities for studying and manipulating these intercellular reactions. However, it remains a technical challenge because of the complex and dynamic nature of the cel…
  • [Subclinical sensory-motor deficit after surgical correction of the spinal deformity]. [Journal Article]
    Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova 2019; 119(9):31-38Saifutdinov MS, Shchurova EN, Ryabykh SO
  • CONCLUSIONS: EMG evaluation of the level of intensity of subclinical motor deficit in combination with changes in temperature-and-pain sensitivity after the spinal deformity correction complies the reaction intensity of somatic motor system to surgical aggression. Neurologists should pay more attention to the patients with V type reaction not only during postoperative period, but before the next stage of surgery.
  • [The Expanded Disability Status Scale scoring in patients with multiple sclerosis]. [Review]
    Ideggyogy Sz 2019; 72(9-10):317-323Füvesi J
  • Gait disturbance is a major symptom in patients with multiple sclerosis. The Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) was first used in clinical trials of multiple sclerosis for the assessment of disability, however it has become more and more widely used in clinical practice as well. Nowadays its use is essential in application of the new diagnostic criteria, the new clinical form classification …
  • Spatial Clustering of Inhibition in Mouse Primary Visual Cortex. [Journal Article]
    Neuron 2019D'Souza RD, Bista P, … Burkhalter A
  • Whether mouse visual cortex contains orderly feature maps is debated. The overlapping pattern of geniculocortical inputs with M2 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor-rich patches in layer 1 (L1) suggests a non-random architecture. Here, we found that L1 inputs from the lateral posterior thalamus (LP) avoid patches and target interpatches. Channelrhodopsin-2-assisted mapping of excitatory postsynapti…
  • Modeling cortical spreading depression induced by the hyperactivity of interneurons. [Journal Article]
    J Comput Neurosci 2019Desroches M, Faugeras O, … Mantegazza M
  • Cortical spreading depression (CSD) is a wave of transient intense neuronal firing leading to a long lasting depolarizing block of neuronal activity. It is a proposed pathological mechanism of migraine with aura. Some forms of migraine are associated with a genetic mutation of the Nav1.1 channel, resulting in its gain of function and implying hyperexcitability of interneurons. This leads to the c…
  • The descending motor tracts are different in dancers and musicians. [Journal Article]
    Brain Struct Funct 2019Giacosa C, Karpati FJ, … Penhune VB
  • Long-term motor training, such as dance or gymnastics, has been associated with increased diffusivity and reduced fiber coherence in regions including the corticospinal tract. Comparisons between different types of motor experts suggest that experience might result in specific structural changes related to the trained effectors (e.g., hands or feet). However, previous studies have not segregated …
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