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85,877 results
  • Phenolic compounds of Iris adriatica and their antimycobacterial effects. [Journal Article]
    Acta Pharm 2019; 69(4):673-681Ochensberger S, Alperth F, … Bucar F
  • Little is known about the pharmacological activities of Iris adriatica (Iridaceae), a plant endemic to Dalmatia (Croatia). We therefore performed a bioassay-guided fractionation including high-performance counter current chromatography (HPCCC) and antibacterial tests using Mycobacterium smegmatis mc2 155. One obtained fraction was found to be antimycobacterially active with a MIC of 64 mg L-1. Fu…
  • Auxin regulates adventitious root formation in tomato cuttings. [Journal Article]
    BMC Plant Biol 2019; 19(1):435Guan L, Tayengwa R, … Zhao M
  • CONCLUSIONS: These data show that AR formation in tomato stems is a complex process. Upon perception of a wounding stimulus, expression of auxin transporter genes and accumulation of auxin at founder cell initiation sites in pericycle cell layers and later in the meristematic cells of the AR primordia were observed. A clear understanding and documentation of these events in tomato is critical to resolve AR formation in recalcitrant species like hardwoods and improve stem cutting propagation efficiency and effectiveness.
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