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1,837 results
  • Targeting Integrase enzyme: A Therapeutic Approach to combat HIV resistance. [Journal Article]
    Mini Rev Med Chem 2019Komal D, Joshi K, … Alvala M
  • Global HIV statistics by World Health Organization (WHO) for the year 2017 was estimated to be 36.9 (31.1-43.9) million. Antiviral drug resistance poses a serious threat to the public health and requires immediate action. Retroviral integrase (IN) a component enzyme in the retroviral pre-integration complex (PIC) enables a retrovirus to incorporate its genetic material into the host DNA. Developm…
  • Analysis of Pharmacovigilance Databases for Dolutegravir Safety in Pregnancy. [Journal Article]
    Clin Infect Dis 2019van De Ven NS, Pozniak AL, … Hill A
  • CONCLUSIONS: Pharmacovigilance databases have many limitations, most importantly lack of a clear denominator for patients exposed to the drug of interest and duplicate cases that are difficult to identify. Given widespread use of new antiretroviral drugs worldwide and anticipated use of new drugs, prospective follow-up of pregnant women and birth surveillance studies such as Tsepamo are critically needed.Neural tube defects have been reported among infants born from women taking a wide range of antiretrovirals in 4 pharmacovigilance databases. Safety reports were inconsistent between databases and very hard to interpret.
  • HIV-2 depletes CD4 T cells through pyroptosis despite Vpx-dependent degradation of SAMHD1. [Journal Article]
    J Virol 2019Luo X, Herzig E, … Greene WC
  • HIV-2 infection results in a milder course of disease and slower progression to AIDS compared to HIV-1. We hypothesized this difference may be due degradation of the SAMHD1 host restriction factor by the HIV-2 Vpx gene product thereby diminishing abortive infection and pyroptotic cell death within bystander CD4 T cells. We have compared CD4 T cell death in tonsil-derived human lymphoid aggregate …
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