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4,100 results
  • Development of the human olfactory system. [Journal Article]
    Handb Clin Neurol 2019; 164:29-45Sarnat HB, Flores-Sarnat L
  • This chapter focuses on the development of the human olfactory system. In this system, function does not require full neuroanatomical maturity. Thus, discrimination of odorous molecules, including a number within the mother's diet, occurs in amniotic fluid after 28-30 weeks of gestation, at which time the olfactory bulbs are identifiable by MRI. Hypoplasia/aplasia of the bulbs is documented in th…
  • HRCT imaging of acquired cholesteatoma: a pictorial review. [Review]
    Insights Imaging 2019; 10(1):92Gulati M, Gupta S, … Dixit R
  • Chronically discharging ear is a common cause of morbidity in developing countries, and it is also associated with intratemporal and intracranial complications. The surgeon is often able to detect the disease. However, cholesteatoma in the "hidden areas" like anterior epitympanic recess and sinus tympani can be missed. Facial nerve involvement and cholesteatomatous erosion of the bony labyrinth a…
  • Abnormal Curtain Signs Identified With a Novel Lung Ultrasound Protocol in Six Dogs With Pneumothorax. [Case Reports]
    Front Vet Sci 2019; 6:291Boysen S, McMurray J, Gommeren K
  • Pneumothorax is typically ruled out sonographically by detecting a glide sign, lung pulse, and/or B lines, and ruled in by detecting the return of a glide sign and/or presence of a lung point. This case series describes novel lung ultrasound findings (abnormal curtain signs) in dogs with naturally-occurring pneumothorax. This case series also describes a novel lung ultrasound protocol that involv…
  • Designing Activating Schoolyards: Seen from the Girls' Viewpoint. [Journal Article]
    Int J Environ Res Public Health 2019; 16(19)Pawlowski CS, Veitch J, … Ridgers ND
  • Girls are typically less active in the schoolyard during recess than boys. It is therefore necessary to understand influences on girls' recess activity in schoolyards. The aim of this qualitative study was to investigate girls' perceptions of physical environmental factors influencing recess physical activity in re-designed schoolyards and to compare the perceptions of girls from different age gr…
  • Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA): An Occupational Case Report. [Journal Article]
    Workplace Health Saf 2019; 67(10):501-505Shahbaz M, Blanc PD, … Guntur S
  • Transient shoulder pain is a common complaint following intramuscular vaccine administration into the deltoid. More severe vaccination-associated shoulder complications comprising of weakness and decreased range of motion are categorized under the construct "shoulder injury related to vaccine administration" (SIRVA) that subsumes both subjective and objective findings consistent with injury. We d…
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