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18 results
  • A Comparative Three-Dimensional Finite Element Study of Two Space Regainers in the Mixed Dentition Stage. [Journal Article]
    Eur J Dent. 2020 Feb; 14(1):107-114.Hakim MAA, Khatab NMA, … Elheeny AAH
  • CONCLUSIONS:  Gerber appliance generates more distal force and less stress concentration on the crown of the mandibular first permanent molar than that created by the sagittal distalizer. On the other hand, stress concentrations produced by Gerber space regainer are found to be more on the crown and PDL of the deciduous canine. Therefore, it can be concluded that the use of Gerber appliance needs more anchorage.
  • Pendulum Therapy of Molar Distalization in Mixed Dentition. [Case Reports]
    Int J Clin Pediatr Dent. 2016 Jan-Mar; 9(1):67-73.Patil RU, Prakash A, Agarwal A
  • Early and timely pedo-orthodontic treatment is aimed at eliminating the disturbances of skeletal or dentoalveolar development, to harmonize the stomatognathic system before the full eruption of all permanent teeth. The advantages of pendulum appliance are its minimal dependence on patient's compliance (child cooperation), ease of fabrication, onetime activation and adjustment of the springs if ne…
  • New design space regainers: 'lingual arch crossbow' and 'double banded space regainer'. [Journal Article]
    J Indian Soc Pedod Prev Dent. 2012 Apr-Jun; 30(2):161-5.Chalakkal P, Chalakka P, … Pavaskar R
  • This article highlights the use of two new design space regainers--the "lingual arch crossbow" and the "double-banded space regainer." The former may be used for distalizing a mesially migrated mandibular first premolar, if it erupts prior to the canine. The latter may be used in conventional cases of interdental space loss. They both contain assemblies that function through the action of NiTi op…
  • NiTi bonded space regainer/maintainer. [Journal Article]
    J Indian Soc Pedod Prev Dent. 2010 Apr-Jun; 28(2):113-5.Negi KS
  • Early orthodontic interventions are often initiated in the developing dentition to promote favorable developmental changes. Interceptive orthodontic can eliminate or reduce the severity of a developing malocclusion, the complexity of orthodontic treatment, overall treatment time and cost. Premature loss of deciduous tooth or teeth can often destroy the integrity of normal occlusion. There are man…
  • Management of an impacted, dilacerated mandibular left permanent first molar: a case report. [Case Reports]
    Quintessence Int. 2001 Mar; 32(3):235-7.Hegde S, Munshi AK
  • A case of an unerupted mandibular left permanent first molar, a partially erupted permanent second molar, and a congenitally absent third molar in a 12-year-old girl is described. The permanent first molar, being dilacerated and impacted, required surgical exposure of the crowns of the first and second molars and distalization of the second molar, with the help of a space regainer, to bring the m…
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