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82 results
  • Extraordinary grip strength and specialized myology in the hyper-derived hand of Perodicticus potto? [Journal Article]
    J Anat 2019; 235(5):931-939Boettcher ML, Leonard KC, … Hartstone-Rose A
  • Previous behavioral reports of the African lorisid, Perodicticus potto, have speculated that these animals have an extraordinary grip strength. This ability is hypothesized to be facilitated by a range of anatomical features within the forelimb, ranging from the presence of a retia mirabilia in its wrist to the hyper-abduction of its pollex. Despite numerous behavioral reports, however, this clai…
  • The species of Ecnomocephala Gibson (Hymenoptera: Eupelmidae). [Journal Article]
    Zootaxa 2019; 4544(2):151-177Gibson GAP
  • The species of the New World genus Ecnomocephala Gibson (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Eupelmidae: Eupelminae) are revised. Seven species are recognized, the type species, E. townesi Gibson, 1995 (♀♂: USA), and the following six new species: E. ashei Gibson n. sp. (♀♂: French Guiana, Guyana, Venezuela), E. boliviensis Gibson n. sp. (♀: Bolivia), E. gilli Gibson n. sp. (♀♂: Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama…
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