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22,099 results
  • The Role of Reverse Transcriptase in the Origin of Life. [Review]
    Biochemistry (Mosc) 2019; 84(8):870-883Mustafin RN, Khusnutdinova EK
  • It has been suggested that RNA polymerase ribozyme displaying reverse transcriptase and integrase activities has played a vital role in the origin of life on Earth. Here, we present a hypothesis that formation of universal ancestral units of all living organisms - retroelements - in the evolution was mediated by reverse transcriptase. The propensity of retroelements to mutations and their inserti…
  • RNA (C5-cytosine) Methyltransferases. [Review]
    Biochemistry (Mosc) 2019; 84(8):851-869Kuznetsova SA, Petrukov KS, … Dontsova OA
  • The review summarizes the data on pro- and eukaryotic RNA (C5-cytosine) methyltransferases. The structure, intracellular location, RNA targets, and catalytic mechanisms of these enzymes, as well as the functional role of methylated cytosine residues in RNA are presented. The functions of RNA (C5-cytosine) methyltransferases unassociated with their methylation activity are discussed. Special atten…
  • Extensive ribosome and RF2 rearrangements during translation termination. [Journal Article]
    Elife 2019; 8Svidritskiy E, Demo G, … Korostelev AA
  • Protein synthesis ends when a ribosome reaches an mRNA stop codon. Release factors (RFs) decode the stop codon, hydrolyze peptidyl-tRNA to release the nascent protein, and then dissociate to allow ribosome recycling. To visualize termination by RF2, we resolved a cryo-EM ensemble of E. coli 70S•RF2 structures at up to 3.3 Å in a single sample. Five structures suggest a highly dynamic termination …
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