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221 results
  • Examining the Reach and Impact of a Systematic Review Service. [Journal Article]
    Med Ref Serv Q. 2020 Apr-Jun; 39(2):125-138.Healy HS, Regan M, Deberg J
  • This case study describes the process librarians at a large research university used to evaluate a systematic review searching service. PubMed, Embase, CINAHL, and Scopus were searched for studies with a local, health sciences author. Data on librarian involvement, search quality, and standards adherence were recorded. Results of the assessment indicate a gradual increase in librarian authorship …
  • Distribution of extreme first passage times of diffusion. [Journal Article]
    J Math Biol. 2020 Jun; 80(7):2301-2325.Lawley SD
  • Many events in biology are triggered when a diffusing searcher finds a target, which is called a first passage time (FPT). The overwhelming majority of FPT studies have analyzed the time it takes a single searcher to find a target. However, the more relevant timescale in many biological systems is the time it takes the fastest searcher(s) out of many searchers to find a target, which is called an…
  • Universal formula for extreme first passage statistics of diffusion. [Journal Article]
    Phys Rev E. 2020 Jan; 101(1-1):012413.Lawley SD
  • The timescales of many physical, chemical, and biological processes are determined by first passage times (FPTs) of diffusion. The overwhelming majority of FPT research studies the time it takes a single diffusive searcher to find a target. However, the more relevant quantity in many systems is the time it takes the fastest searcher to find a target from a large group of searchers. This fastest F…
  • Critical Separation Versus Effective Sweep Width: Bridging the Old and New Search-and-Rescue Worlds. [Journal Article]
    Wilderness Environ Med. 2020 Mar; 31(1):44-49.Chiacchia KB
  • CONCLUSIONS: Critical separation is a simple, quick way to array searchers in the field. The current study suggests that the value of critical separation in producing the 50% target POD will depend on the whether the search object used for the critical separation determination has a similar detectability/W to the actual target of the search effort. Still, the results from a critical separation determination may offer more predictability and reliability than the common practice of POD estimation by team leaders.
  • Analysis of aligning active local searchers orbiting around their common home position. [Journal Article]
    Phys Rev E. 2019 Sep; 100(3-1):032125.Noetel J, Schimansky-Geier L
  • We discuss effects of pairwise aligning interactions in an ensemble of central place foragers or of searchers that are connected to a common home. In a wider sense, we also consider self-moving entities that are attracted to a central place such as, for instance, the zooplankton Daphnia being attracted to a beam of light. Single foragers move with constant speed due to some propulsive mechanism. …
  • Random search with resetting as a strategy for optimal pollination. [Journal Article]
    Phys Rev E. 2019 May; 99(5-1):052119.Robin T, Hadany L, Urbakh M
  • The problem of pollination is unique among a wide scope of search problems, since it requires optimization of benefits for both the searcher (pollinator) and its targets (plants). To address this challenge, we propose a pollination model which is based on a framework of first passage under stochastic restart. We derive equations for the search time and number of visited plants as functions of the…
  • Endometrial cancer and bariatric surgery: A scoping review. [Review]
    Surg Obes Relat Dis. 2019 Mar; 15(3):497-501.Aubrey C, Black K, … Pin S
  • CONCLUSIONS: There is ample evidence demonstrating a risk reduction in women with obesity (body mass index >30 kg/m2) undergoing bariatric surgery for subsequent development of endometrial cancer. However, there is a paucity of data investigating its role as an adjunct for therapy. There is sufficient evidence to argue for the inclusion of endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial cancer as obesity-related conditions and the access to bariatric surgery should be broadened for affected individuals to reflect this.
  • Developing an efficient protocol for monitoring eagle fatalities at wind energy facilities. [Journal Article]
    PLoS One. 2018; 13(12):e0208700.Hallingstad EC, Rabie PA, … Nagy LR
  • Researchers typically conduct fatality monitoring to determine a wind energy facility's direct impacts on wildlife. In the United States, wind energy impacts on eagles have received increased attention in recent years because eagle incidental take permits became available. Permit holders are required to conduct fatality monitoring to evaluate compliance with permitted eagle take. Our objective wa…
  • Cysmotif Searcher Pipeline for Antimicrobial Peptide Identification in Plant Transcriptomes. [Journal Article]
    Biochemistry (Mosc). 2018 Nov; 83(11):1424-1432.Shelenkov AA, Slavokhotova AA, Odintsova TI
  • In this paper, we present the new Cysmotif searcher pipeline for identification of various antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), the most important components of innate immunity, in plant transcriptomes. Cysmotif searcher reveals and classifies short cysteine-rich amino acid sequences containing an open reading frame and a signal peptide cleavage site. Due to the combination of various search methods, C…
  • Search and return model for stochastic path integrators. [Journal Article]
    Chaos. 2018 Oct; 28(10):106302.Noetel J, Freitas VLS, … Schimansky-Geier L
  • We extend a recently introduced prototypical stochastic model describing uniformly the search and return of objects looking for new food sources around a given home. The model describes the kinematic motion of the object with constant speed in two dimensions. The angular dynamics is driven by noise and describes a "pursuit" and "escape" behavior of the heading and the position vectors. Pursuit be…
  • Optimal noise in a stochastic model for local search. [Journal Article]
    Phys Rev E. 2018 Aug; 98(2-1):022128.Noetel J, Freitas VLS, … Schimansky-Geier L
  • We develop a prototypical stochastic model for a local search around a given home. The stochastic dynamic model is motivated by experimental findings of the motion of a fruit fly around a given spot of food but will generally describe the local search behavior. The local search consists of a sequence of two epochs. In the first the searcher explores new space around the home, whereas it returns t…
  • Predicting search time when hunting for multiple moving targets: A recursive harmonic law. [Journal Article]
    Chaos. 2018 Aug; 28(8):083109.Weng T, Zhang J, … Hui P
  • We investigate searching for multiple mobile objects on networks and introduce the concept of mean random search time (MRST) to quantify the expected time a searcher takes to capture moving targets specified in advance. We consider this quantity averaged over all initial conditions for a searcher and multiple targets called the global MRST. We find that the growth of global MRST follows a recursi…
  • Topology-dependent density optima for efficient simultaneous network exploration. [Journal Article]
    Phys Rev E. 2018 Jun; 97(6-1):062301.Wilson DB, Baker RE, Woodhouse FG
  • A random search process in a networked environment is governed by the time it takes to visit every node, termed the cover time. Often, a networked process does not proceed in isolation but competes with many instances of itself within the same environment. A key unanswered question is how to optimize this process: How many concurrent searchers can a topology support before the benefits of paralle…
  • EBWS: Essential Bioinformatics Web Services for Sequence Analyses. [Journal Article]
    IEEE/ACM Trans Comput Biol Bioinform. 2018 Mar 16 [Online ahead of print]Kaloudas D, Pavlova N, Penchovsky R
  • The Essential Bioinformatics Web Services (EBWS) are implemented on a new PHP-based server that provides useful tools for analyses of DNA, RNA, and protein sequences applying a user-friendly interface. Nine Web-based applets are currently available on the Web server. They include reverse complementary DNA and random DNA/RNA/peptide oligomer generators, a pattern sequence searcher, a DNA restricti…
  • Opportunistic random searcher versus intentional search image user. [Journal Article]
    Sci Rep. 2018 02 20; 8(1):3336.Garay J, Varga Z, … Cabello T
  • We consider two types of optimal foragers: a random searcher and a search image user. A search image user can find its desired prey with higher and undesired prey with lower probability than a random searcher. Our model considers the density-dependent travelling time and the time duration of reproduction (oviposition). In the framework of optimal foraging theory for one predator-two prey systems,…
  • Identification and analysis of key genes in osteosarcoma using bioinformatics. [Journal Article]
    Oncol Lett. 2018 Mar; 15(3):2789-2794.Diao C, Xi Y, Xiao T
  • Osteosarcoma (OS) is an invasive malignant neoplasm of the bones. The present study identified and analyzed key genes associated with OS. Expression profiling of the dataset GSE49003, which included 6 metastatic and 6 non-metastatic OS cell lines and was obtained from the Gene Expression Omnibus, was performed. Following data preprocessing, the differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were selected …
  • Nonstationary dynamics of encounters: Mean valuable territory covered by a random searcher. [Journal Article]
    Phys Rev E. 2017 Sep; 96(3-1):032111.Campos D, Bartumeus F, Méndez V
  • Inspired by recent experiments on the organism Caenorhabditis elegans we present a stochastic problem to capture the adaptive dynamics of search in living beings, which involves the exploration-exploitation dilemma between remaining in a previously preferred area and relocating to new places. We assess the question of search efficiency by introducing a new magnitude, the mean valuable territory c…
  • Inside the Mind of the Online Health Information Searcher using Think-Aloud Protocol. [Journal Article]
    Health Commun. 2018 12; 33(12):1482-1493.Macias W, Lee M, Cunningham N
  • In this article we employ the think-aloud protocol to gain an in-depth look at how 23 individuals searched for online health information. Participants narrated their health searches as we audio and video recorded using screen-capture software. We transcribed the recordings verbatim and used axial and selective coding to inductively identify themes into two main search stages: online processing an…
  • Intrinsic position uncertainty impairs overt search performance. [Journal Article]
    J Vis. 2017 08 01; 17(9):13.Semizer Y, Michel MM
  • Uncertainty regarding the position of the search target is a fundamental component of visual search. However, due to perceptual limitations of the human visual system, this uncertainty can arise from intrinsic, as well as extrinsic, sources. The current study sought to characterize the role of intrinsic position uncertainty (IPU) in overt visual search and to determine whether it significantly li…
  • Olfaction in a viscous environment: the "color" of sexual smells in Temora longicornis. [Journal Article]
    Naturwissenschaften. 2017 Jun; 104(5-6):46.Hinow P, Strickler JR, Yen J
  • We investigate chemical aspects of mating in the marine copepod Temora longicornis (Copepoda, Calanoidea). Our emphasis is the female pheromone signaling in form of well-defined trails for males to follow, observed in Doall et al. (Phil Trans R Soc Lond B 353:681-689, 1998). The viscous environment and the properties of the odorants play important roles as the spread of the pheromone trail limits…
  • Bioinformatics tools for the identification of gene clusters that biosynthesize specialized metabolites. [Review]
    Brief Bioinform. 2018 09 28; 19(5):1022-1034.Chavali AK, Rhee SY
  • Specialized metabolites (also called natural products or secondary metabolites) derived from bacteria, fungi, marine organisms and plants constitute an important source of antibiotics, anti-cancer agents, insecticides, immunosuppressants and herbicides. Many specialized metabolites in bacteria and fungi are biosynthesized via metabolic pathways whose enzymes are encoded by clustered genes on a ch…
  • User recommendation in healthcare social media by assessing user similarity in heterogeneous network. [Journal Article]
    Artif Intell Med. 2017 Sep; 81:63-77.Jiang L, Yang CC
  • CONCLUSIONS: The results indicate that content-based methods can effectively capture the similarity of inactive users who usually have focused interests, while structural methods can achieve better performance when rich structural information is available. Local structural approach only considers direct connections between nodes in the network, while global structural approach takes the indirect connections into account. Therefore, the global similarity approach can deal with sparse networks and capture the implicit similarity between two users. Different approaches may capture different aspects of the similarity relationship between two users. When we combine different methods together, we could achieve a better performance than using each individual method.
  • How You Move Is What I See: Planning an Action Biases a Partner's Visual Search. [Journal Article]
    Front Psychol. 2017; 8:77.Dötsch D, Vesper C, Schubö A
  • Activating action representations can modulate perceptual processing of action-relevant dimensions, indicative of a common-coding of perception and action. When two or more agents work together in joint action, individual agents often need to consider not only their own actions and their effects on the world, but also predict the actions of a co-acting partner. If in these situations the action o…
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