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91,046 results
  • MicroRNA delivery through nanoparticles. [Review]
    J Control Release 2019Lee SWL, Paoletti C, … Chiono V
  • MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are attracting a growing interest in the scientific community due to their central role in the etiology of major diseases. On the other hand, nanoparticle carriers offer unprecedented opportunities for cell specific controlled delivery of miRNAs for therapeutic purposes. This review critically discusses the use of nanoparticles for the delivery of miRNA-based therapeutics in th…
  • Bile-Salt Stimulated Lipase Polymorphisms do not Associate with HCV Susceptibility. [Journal Article]
    Virus Res 2019; :197715Steba GS, Koekkoek SM, … MOSAIC (MSM observational Study of Acute infection with Hepatitis C) study group
  • Bile-salt stimulate lipase (BSSL) is a glycoprotein found in human milk and blood that can potently bind DC-SIGN. The BSSL gene is highly polymorphic with a variant number of O-linked glycosylated 11 amino acid repeats at the C-terminus of the protein, encoded in exon 11 of the gene. It has been shown that certain BSSL genotypes associate with decreased HIV-1 transmission in vitro and decreased H…
  • Kinetics of mean platelet volume predicts mortality in patients with septic shock. [Journal Article]
    PLoS One 2019; 14(10):e0223553Vardon-Bounes F, Gratacap MP, … Minville V
  • CONCLUSIONS: MPV increase during the first 15 days after ICU admission in non-survivors was observed during septic shock and 10-day MPV >11.6fL was an independent predictive factor of 90-day mortality. This could be explained by the emergent response to acute platelet loss during septic shock, leading to megakaryocyte rupture to produce new but potentially immature platelets in the circulation. Therefore, continuous monitoring of MPV may be a useful parameter to stratify mortality risk in septic shock.
  • Target Oxygen Levels and Critical Care of the Newborn. [Journal Article]
    Curr Pediatr Rev 2019Vettukattil JJ
  • Despite our growing experience in medical care of extremely preterm infants, there are serious gaps in the understanding of the adaptive physiology of the newborn. This is often misinterpreted and considered similar to that of adult physiology. The human psyche has been seriously influenced, both from an evolutionary and survival point of view, by the cause and effect of hypoxemia which is consid…
  • Effect of methyl and halogen substituents on the transmembrane movement of lipophilic ions. [Journal Article]
    Phys Chem Chem Phys 2019Rokitskaya TI, Luzhkov VB, … Antonenko YN
  • Penetrating cations are widely used for the design of bioactive mitochondria-targeted compounds. The introduction of various substituents into the phenyl rings of dodecyltriphenylphosphonium and the measurement of the flip-flop of the synthesized cations by the current relaxation method revealed that methyl groups accelerated significantly the cation penetration through the lipid membrane, depend…
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