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155 results
  • [Biopsychosocial concept of the chronic ischemia of the brain in elderly.] [Journal Article]
    Adv Gerontol 2019; 32(4):558-564Burkin MM, Hyanikyaynen IV, Molchanova EV
  • The aim of the study was to optimize the strategies of diagnosis and treatment of chronic cerebral ischemia (CCI) in the elderly by using a multidimensional integrated approach in determining the role of biological, individual psychological and social factors in the occurrence and course of the disease. The object of study - patients with CCI. As a result of the study, a methodology for systemati…
  • Differentiating Psychosomatic, Somatopsychic, Multisystem Illnesses, and Medical Uncertainty. [Review]
    Healthcare (Basel) 2019; 7(4)Bransfield RC, Friedman KJ
  • There is often difficulty differentiating between psychosomatic, somatopsychic, multisystem illness, and different degrees of medical uncertainty. Uncommon, complex, and multisystem diseases are commonly misdiagnosed. Two case histories are described, and relevant terms differentiating psychosomatic, somatopsychic, and multisystem illnesses are identified, reviewed, and discussed. Adequate differ…
  • Psoriasis: Psychosomatic, somatopsychic, or both? [Journal Article]
    Clin Dermatol 2018 Nov - Dec; 36(6):698-703Kwon CW, Fried RG, … Tausk F
  • Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disorder characterized by substantial psychiatric comorbidity. Historically, anecdotal observations have suggested that psychosocial distress can trigger flares of psoriasis, but over the past several decades, high-quality data from experimental studies support the assertion that stress plays a critical role in the pathogenesis of psoriasis. There may be a subs…
  • On Sublimation. [Review]
    Int J Psychoanal 2016; 97(5):1369-1392Civitarese G
  • Although it encapsulates the Freudian theory of art, the theory of sublimation has become outmoded. What is more, since its inception there has always been something ill-defined about it. Does it use sexualized or de-sexualized drive energy? Is it a defence or an alternative to defence? Does it serve Eros or Thanatos? Is it useful in clinical work or is it unusable? The only, albeit uncertain, ai…
  • [Contribution of the physical and rehabilitation medicine in pediatric plastic surgery]. [Journal Article]
    Ann Chir Plast Esthet 2016; 61(5):589-597Gottrand L, Devinck F, … Guerreschi P
  • Physical, non-painful processes guide the scar reshaping in children in order to prevent growth anomalies due to cutaneous shrinkage. The objective of the surgical treatment, coordinated with the reeducation care, is to improve the physical abilities of the skin, to restore the function and avoid the deformations. Reeducation uses various techniques (i.e. sensitive-motility, massage and mobilizat…
  • The Alice in Worderland Syndrome. [Case Reports]
    Neuropsychol Rehabil 2018; 28(2):189-198Perdices M
  • The Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AWS) was first described more than 60 years ago by Lippman. It refers to episodes during which an individual may variously experience (as did Alice during her time in Wonderland) somatic, visuo-perceptual and/or visuo-spatial hallucinations, as well as feelings of depersonalisation, derealisation and distorted sense of time. Although the prevalence of AWS is unkn…
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