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599 results
  • Axillary sparganosis, changes in ultrasound images over six months: A case report. [Case Reports]
    Radiol Case Rep 2020; 15(3):177-180Kim BM, Kim DJ, … You JK
  • Sparganosis is an infestation caused by a tapeworm belonging to the genus Spirometra. The typical radiologic findings of sparganosis describe elongated, folded, band or tubular, hypoechoic structures with surrounding increased echogenicity in ultrasonography. These imaging features have been highly consistent with pathology results. Here, we report an interesting case of axillary sparganosis that…
  • Human proliferative sparganosis update. [Review]
    Parasitol Int 2019; :102036Kikuchi T, Maruyama H
  • Proliferative sparganosis is one of the most bizarre and mysterious parasitic diseases ever described. The causative parasite is Sparganum proliferum, which is a pseudophyllidean cestode distinct from Spirometra tapeworms. Here we overview this rare but fascinating disease with the all original case reports on human patients published in the last 115 years. Proliferative sparganosis is clearly di…
  • Subcutaneous Sparganosis on Abdomen Mimicking Multiple Lipomas. [Journal Article]
    Korean J Parasitol 2019; 57(5):513-516Ahn SK, Choi HJ, Kim JH
  • Human sparganosis is a food-borne zoonosis mainly caused by the plerocercoid belonging to the genus Spirometra. The most common clinical sign of sparganosis is a subcutaneous mass in the trunk including abdominal or chest wall. The mass may be mistaken for a malignant tumor, thereby causing difficulty in terms of diagnosis and treatment. A 66-year-old woman visited our clinic for the removal of a…
  • Case Report: Human Subcutaneous Sparganosis in a Thai Migrant. [Journal Article]
    Am J Trop Med Hyg 2019; 101(5):1170-1173Muigg V, Ruf MT, … Neumayr A
  • Human sparganosis is a cestode infection which is neglected as a differential diagnosis outside endemic countries. Diagnosis and therapy may be challenging depending on the clinical presentation and anatomic localization. The disease manifests predominantly as subcutaneous nodule(s) or intracranial mass lesion(s). Infection is primarily acquired by ingesting raw or undercooked amphibian or reptil…
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