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104 results
  • Sclerite-bearing annelids from the lower Cambrian of South China. [Journal Article]
    Sci Rep 2019; 9(1):4955Han J, Conway Morris S, … Shu D
  • Cambrian annelids are strikingly diverse and reveal important details of annelid character acquisition. Their contribution, however, to a wider understanding of the evolution of the trochozoans (encompassing the annelids as well as such groups as the brachiopods and molluscs) remains limited. Thus the early annelids had been linked to a variety of cataphract Cambrian metazoans, notably Wiwaxia an…
  • Penicillium setosum, a new species from Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal. [Journal Article]
    Mycology 2019; 10(1):49-60George TK, Houbraken J, … Jisha MS
  • Medicinal plants are considered as sources of novel and unexplored groups of endophytic microorganisms. A study on endophytic fungal species from the medicinal plant Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal resulted in the isolation of a Penicillium isolate (WSR 62) with antibiotic activity. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the isolate belongs to section Lanata-divaricata, and it is most closely related to…
  • Two new species of furcocercous cercariae from freshwater gastropods of Western Ghats. [Journal Article]
    J Parasit Dis 2018; 42(4):621-629Arusha K, Prasadan PK
  • Two new furcocercous cercariae, Cercaria sp. I Western Ghats n. sp. and Cercaria sp. II Western Ghats n. sp. were found infecting the freshwater snails Indoplanorbis exustus and Thiara tuberculata respectively of the Wayanad region of the Western Ghats. Cercaria sp. I Western Ghats n. sp., a distome, apharyngeate, non-ocellate and spinose cercaria having three pairs of penetration glands, kidney-…
  • A new species of Caribbean toad (Bufonidae, Peltophryne) from southern Hispaniola. [Journal Article]
    Zootaxa 2018; 4403(3):523-539Landestoy T MA, Turner DB, … Hedges SB
  • Peltophryne armata sp. nov. is described from the South paleoisland of Hispaniola, West Indies. This is the only native toad species known to inhabit the Barahona Peninsula, Dominican Republic, in the southernmost part of Hispaniola, and it is allopatric with the widely distributed Hispaniolan toad species, P. guentheri Cochran. However, in a molecular phylogeny, the closest relative of P. armata…
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