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33 results
  • Gentamicin Applied to the Oval Window Suppresses Vestibular Function in Guinea Pigs. [Journal Article]
    J Assoc Res Otolaryngol 2017; 18(2):291-299King EB, Shepherd RK, … Fallon JB
  • Intratympanic gentamicin therapy is widely used clinically to treat the debilitating symptoms of Ménière's disease. Cochleotoxicity is an undesirable potential side effect of the treatment and the risk of hearing loss increases proportionately with gentamicin concentration in the cochlea. It has recently been shown that gentamicin is readily absorbed through the oval window in guinea pigs. The pr…
  • Stapediovestibular ankylosis in an HIV/HCV-copositive patient. [Case Reports]
    Ear Nose Throat J 2016; 95(3):E16-8Lolov SR
  • To the best of the author's knowledge, no case of a patient with stapediovestibular ankylosis who was also coinfected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) has been previously described in the literature. This report describes the case of a 36-year-old woman who was diagnosed with all three conditions. The clinical diagnosis of stapes fixation was based on otoscopic,…
  • Treatment of traumatic stapediovestibular luxation: case report with the introduction of a new technique and review of literature. [Case Reports]
    Otol Neurotol 2014; 35(4):582-8Bogaerts M, Waterval J, … Offeciers FE
  • CONCLUSIONS: In patients with pneumolabyrinth after middle ear trauma with mild symptoms, we recommend initial conservative treatment with close monitoring of hearing. In patients with severe, persisting, or progressive vestibulocochlear symptoms, exploratory tympanotomy should be performed to check for and treat PLF. Oval window fistula repair is reported to have variable hearing outcomes but offers complete resolution of vestibular symptoms in most cases. The stapedial strut is one of the possible surgical techniques in case of an internally luxated stapes.
  • Fetal development of the elastic-fiber-mediated enthesis in the human middle ear. [Journal Article]
    Ann Anat 2013; 195(5):441-8Takanashi Y, Shibata S, … Kawase T
  • In the human middle ear, the annular ligament of the incudostapedial joint and the insertions of the tensor tympani and stapedius muscles contain abundant elastic fibers; i.e., the elastic-fiber-mediated entheses. Hyaluronan also coexists with the elastic fibers. In the present study using immunohistochemistry, we demonstrated the distribution of elastin not only in the incudostapedial joint but …
  • Stapediovestibular dislocation with pneumolabyrinth. [Case Reports]
    J Laryngol Otol 2008; 122(4):419-21Nishiike S, Hyo Y, Fukushima H
  • Traumatic luxation of the stapes into the vestibule is a rare entity, and the disease complicated with pneumolabyrinth is extremely rare. We report the case of a 72-year-old woman with pneumolabyrinth associated with a stapediovestibular dislocation. The patient presented with vertigo and nystagmus following penetrating trauma to the middle ear. High resolution computed tomography scans demonstra…
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