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(sympathetic nervous system)
80,870 results
  • Decoding neural metabolic markers from the carotid sinus nerve in a type 2 diabetes model. [Journal Article]
    IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng 2019Cracchiolo M, Sacramento JF, … Micera S
  • Recent studies showed that the carotid sinus nerve (CSN) and the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) are overactivated in type 2 diabetes and that restoring the correct CSN neural activity can re-establish the proper metabolism. However, a robust characterization of the relationship between CSN and SNS neural activities and metabolism in type 2 diabetes is still missing. Here, we investigated the re…
  • The effect of learning on heart rate and behavior of European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris). [Journal Article]
    J Exp Zool A Ecol Integr Physiol 2019Glassman LW, Hagmann CE, … Romero LM
  • Wild-caught European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) were exposed to a learning task to determine whether heart rate (HR) and behavior responses to the learning activated the sympathetic nervous system. Birds learned to discriminate between images of opposite convexity (concave and convex) based on shading cues in a closed economy (food only available through task completion). Once learned, the task…
  • StatPearls: Sympathomimetics [BOOK]
    StatPearls Publishing: Treasure Island (FL) Horowitz Alex J. AJ LECOM - Bradenton Frey David D Orlando Health BOOK
  • Sympathomimetic agents are used to augment the endogenous catecholamines of the sympathetic nervous system for therapeutic benefit. The body has a wide distribution of different adrenergic receptors across many organ systems. Without a thorough understanding of the adrenoreceptor subtypes involved in various tissues, the clinical effects observed can seem confusing due to overlapping receptor act…
  • Neuroimmune crosstalk in central nervous system injury-induced infection and pharmacological intervention. [Review]
    Brain Res Bull 2019Huang YY, Li X, … Zhang YJ
  • Infection (such as pneumonia and urinary tract infection) is one of the leading causes of death in patients with acute central nervous system (CNS) injury, which also greatly affects the patients' prognosis and quality of life. Antibiotics are commonly used for the treatment of various infections, however, available evidence demonstrate that prophylactic antibiotic treatments for CNS injury-induc…
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