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14 results
  • A Survey of Teleceptive Sensing for Wearable Assistive Robotic Devices. [Review]
    Sensors (Basel). 2019 Nov 28; 19(23)Krausz NE, Hargrove LJ
  • Teleception is defined as sensing that occurs remotely, with no physical contact with the object being sensed. To emulate innate control systems of the human body, a control system for a semi- or fully autonomous assistive device not only requires feedforward models of desired movement, but also the environmental or contextual awareness that could be provided by teleception. Several recent public…
  • On the haptic nature of the active electric sense of fish. [Review]
    Brain Res. 2013 Nov 06; 1536:27-43.Caputi AA, Aguilera PA, … Rodríguez-Cattáneo A
  • Electroreception is a sensory modality present in chondrichthyes, actinopterygii, amphibians, and mammalian monotremes. The study of this non-intuitive sensory modality has provided insights for better understanding of sensory systems in general and inspired the development of innovative artificial devices. Here we review evidence obtained from the analysis of electrosensory images, neurophysiolo…
  • Somatosensory properties of the inferior olive of the cat. [Journal Article]
    J Comp Neurol. 1983 Apr 01; 215(2):228-43.Gellman R, Houk JC, Gibson AR
  • We examined the somatosensory properties of 391 neurons in the inferior olive in 20 cats that were anesthetized with barbiturate or decerebrated. A response consisted of a single spike with a variable number of wavelets followed by a long refractory period. Neurons responsive to natural somatosensory stimuli were recorded in all olivary subdivisions. The dorsal accessory olive (DAO) contained the…
  • The cerebellum involvement in the generation of saccades. [Journal Article]
    Doc Ophthalmol. 1977 Apr 29; 43(1):109-14.Ron S, Nemet P
  • It was assumed that the cerebellum is not essential for eye movements, playing only a modifying and influencing role. Recently it has been shown that the directions of the saccades can be related to a stimulated cerebellar site. This study was done on patients who underwent partial vermis and hemisphere ablations as a result of severe cranial or cerebellar tumors. The results further indicate tha…
  • [Mechanisms of participation of the sensomotor cortex in controlling movements]. [Journal Article]
    Fiziol Zh SSSR Im I M Sechenova. 1977; 63(2):239-45.Batuev AS
  • Neuromorphological, neurophysiological and biomechanical studies in cats revealed cortical structural neuronal modules and functional units of different grades of complexity. Single systemic principle was determined for the sensorimotor cortex activity: structurally organized neuronal modules, having distributed outputs, can be involved in different functional units for purposeful movements. Spec…
  • [The heterosensory interaction of neurons in the cat frontal association cortex]. [Journal Article]
    Fiziol Zh SSSR Im I M Sechenova. 1975 Jun; 61(7):991-9.Orlov AA, Pirogov AA
  • The interaction of various sensory inputs in the cat frontal neurons was studied in the motor cortex (MI), the area of the hind-limb contralateral representation (SI), and the area of the fore-limb contralateral representation (S'I), with the aid of heteromodal stimulation. Mutual blocks between various inputs (visual, auditory, contralateral hind-limb and fore-limb projections) were observed in …
  • Cerebellar responses to teleceptive stimuli in alert monkeys. [Journal Article]
    Brain Res. 1975 Jan 17; 83(3):369-90.Mortimer JA
  • Discharges of single Purkinje cells in the intermediate and lateral zones of the cerebellar cortex and of neurons in the interpositus and dentate nuclei were recorded in alert monkeys during the presentation of intense auditory and visual stimuli. Concomitant monitoring of the electromyogram (EMG) demonstrated that these stimuli evoked characteristic startle responses in most instances. Firing pa…
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