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113,507 results
  • Mobile monitoring of air and noise pollution in Philadelphia neighborhoods during summer 2017. [Journal Article]
    Environ Pollut 2019; 255(Pt 1):113195Shakya KM, Kremer P, … Stewart J
  • Mobile monitoring is a useful approach for measuring intra-urban variation of air pollution in urban environments. In this study, we used a mobile monitoring approach to study the spatial-temporal variability of air and noise pollution in urban neighborhoods of Philadelphia. During summer 2017, we used portable instruments to measure PM2.5, black carbon (BC), and noise levels along 5 km paths in …
  • Fibropapillomatosis prevalence and distribution in green turtles Chelonia mydas in Texas (USA). [Journal Article]
    Dis Aquat Organ 2019; 136(2):175-182Shaver DJ, Walker JS, Backof TF
  • Fibropapillomatosis (FP) is a neoplastic disease that can result in debilitating tumors in sea turtles. Initially identified in Florida, USA in 1937, it has since been detected in green turtle Chelonia mydas populations globally. FP was first identified and confirmed in Texas, USA in 2010. No FP tumors were documented in Texas prior to that year, though many green turtles were encountered and exa…
  • A geographic hot spot of Ichthyophonus infection in the southern Salish Sea, USA. [Journal Article]
    Dis Aquat Organ 2019; 136(2):157-162Hershberger PK, MacKenzie AH, … Lowry D
  • The prevalence of Ichthyophonus infection in Pacific herring Clupea pallasii was spatially heterogeneous in the southern Salish Sea, Washington State, USA. Over the course of 13 mo, 2232 Pacific herring were sampled from 38 midwater trawls throughout the region. Fork length was positively correlated with Ichthyophonus infection at all sites. After controlling for the positive relationship between…
  • Goal-directed control on interval schedules does not depend on the action-outcome correlation. [Journal Article]
    J Exp Psychol Anim Learn Cogn 2019Garr E, Bushra B, … Delamater AR
  • When an organism's action is based on an anticipation of its consequences, that action is said to be goal-directed. It has long been thought that goal-directed control is made possible by experiencing a strong correlation between response rates and reward rates (Dickinson, 1985). To test this idea, we designed a set of experiments to determine whether the response rate-reward rate correlation is …
  • [Functional diversity of fishes in the Minjiang Estuary, Southeast China]. [Journal Article]
    Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao 2019; 30(10):3589-3595Feng C, He XB, … Kang B
  • Based on samples collected by bottom trawl in May, August, November and December 2016 in the Minjiang Estuary, species richness and functional diversity of fishes, as well as their spatial-temporal variations, were quantified by a trait-based approach. The functional diversity varied with the changes of species richness. The species richness averaged across all stations were (17.8±5.1) species in…
  • Phoneme-Order Encoding During Spoken Word Recognition: A Priming Investigation. [Journal Article]
    Cogn Sci 2019; 43(10):e12785Dufour S, Grainger J
  • In three experiments, we examined priming effects where primes were formed by transposing the first and last phoneme of tri-phonemic target words (e.g., /byt/ as a prime for /tyb/). Auditory lexical decisions were found not to be sensitive to this transposed-phoneme priming manipulation in long-term priming (Experiment 1), with primes and targets presented in two separated blocks of stimuli and w…
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