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(thin filament)
4,706 results
  • Skeletal MyBP-C isoforms tune the molecular contractility of divergent skeletal muscle systems. [Journal Article]
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2019Li A, Nelson SR, … Warshaw DM
  • Skeletal muscle myosin-binding protein C (MyBP-C) is a myosin thick filament-associated protein, localized through its C terminus to distinct regions (C-zones) of the sarcomere. MyBP-C modulates muscle contractility, presumably through its N terminus extending from the thick filament and interacting with either the myosin head region and/or the actin thin filament. Two isoforms of MyBP-C (fast- a…
  • The mechanism of thin filament regulation: Models in conflict? [Review]
    J Gen Physiol 2019Geeves MA, Lehrer SS, Lehman W
  • In a recent JGP article, Heeley et al. (2019. J. Gen. Physiol reopened the debate about two- versus three-state models of thin filament regulation. The authors review their work, which measures the rate constant of Pi release from myosin.ADP.Pi activated by actin or thin filaments under a variety of conditions. They conclude that their data can be described …
  • CaATP prolongs strong actomyosin binding and promotes futile myosin stroke. [Journal Article]
    J Muscle Res Cell Motil 2019Ge J, Gargey A, … Nesmelov YE
  • Calcium plays an essential role in muscle contraction, regulating actomyosin interaction by binding troponin of thin filaments. There are several buffers for calcium in muscle, and those buffers play a crucial role in the formation of the transient calcium wave in sarcomere upon muscle activation. One such calcium buffer in muscle is ATP. ATP is a fuel molecule, and the important role of MgATP in…
  • Electroforming-Free Bipolar Resistive Switching in GeSe Thin Films with a Ti-Containing Electrode. [Journal Article]
    ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 2019Kim W, Yoo C, … Hwang CS
  • Chalcogenide materials have been regarded as strong candidates for both resistor and selector elements in passive crossbar arrays owing to their dual capabilities of undergoing threshold and resistance switching. This work describes the bipolar resistive switching (BRS) of amorphous GeSe thin films, which used to show Ovonic threshold switching (OTS) behavior. The behavior of this new functionali…
  • A Stochastic Multiscale Model of Cardiac Thin Filament Activation Using Brownian-Langevin Dynamics. [Journal Article]
    Biophys J 2019Aboelkassem Y, McCabe KJ, … McCulloch AD
  • We use Brownian-Langevin dynamics principles to derive a coarse-graining multiscale myofilament model that can describe the thin-filament activation process during contraction. The model links atomistic molecular simulations of protein-protein interactions in the thin-filament regulatory unit to sarcomere-level activation dynamics. We first calculate the molecular interaction energy between tropo…
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