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73 results
  • [Ecdysteroids of Silene italica ssp. nemoralis, novel approaches of ecdysteroid therapy]. [Journal Article]
    Acta Pharm Hung 2004; 74(3):131-41Báthori M, Kálmán A, … Pongrácz Z
  • Ecdysteroids are known as insect moulting hormones. They have the basic steroid structure, although their physiological effects on mammalians do not show the thymolytic and androgenic side effects of vertebrate type steroid hormones. At the same time, phytoecdysteroids can be used utilizing their anabolic and adaptogenic effects. Ecdysteroids also have a tremendous potential in the most modern th…
  • Androgens indirectly accelerate thymocyte apoptosis. [Journal Article]
    Int Immunopharmacol 2001; 1(2):321-8Dulos GJ, Bagchus WM
  • Apoptotic processes, or the disturbance of the natural regulation of these processes, may be involved in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases (AID). Women are, in general, more susceptible than men to develop AID like rheumatoid arthritis. Androgens and glucocorticoids, in contrast to oestrogens, have favourable effects in AID models as well as in human AID. It is known that glucocorticoids (G…
  • Tamoxifen exerts testosterone-dependent and independent effects on thymic involution. [Journal Article]
    Int J Immunopharmacol 1998; 20(6):305-12Sfikakis PP, Kostomitsopoulos N, … Mitropoulos D
  • Circulating testosterone concentrations and seminal vesicles weights, as well as thymus and spleen weights and histology were assessed in male Wistar rats from the infantile to post-pubertal period. The widely used anti-estrogenic agent tamoxifen was then administered in adult intact and castrated male rats and its long-term effects on thymic involution and splenic growth were examined. The resul…
  • The thymolytic effect of cocaine and monoaminergic drugs in the mouse. [Journal Article]
    Life Sci 1998; 62(10):905-12Choi SJ, Yoon KJ, … Soliman KF
  • Cocaine abuse is known to be associated with suppression of the immune system. In this experiment, animals treated with cocaine (CC) in their drinking water (200 mg/L) for 10 days resulted in a significant decrease in thymus weight in HSD-NDA male Swiss mice. A subsequent in-vitro experiment was designed to investigate the direct effect of cocaine and other dopaminergic agents on thymocyte prolif…
  • [Implication of type II glucocorticoid receptors in aldosterone induced apoptosis of rat thymocytes]. [Journal Article]
    Arch Physiol Biochem 1997; 105(2):216-24Ben Rhouma K, Schimchowitsch S, … Sakly M
  • The thymolytic action of dexamethasone (DEXA) and aldosterone (ALDO) has been studied in vitro and in vivo. In vitro, in the presence of DEXA, the number of apoptotic cells increased with time. After 6 hours of incubation, 55 and 86% of thymocytes are dead with 10(-7) and 10(-5) M of DEXA, respectively. Whereas, in the presence of equivalent concentrations of ALDO, the rate of mortality of cells …
  • Mechanism of androgen-induced thymolysis in rats. [Journal Article]
    Endocrinology 1995; 136(11):4887-93Kumar N, Shan LX, … Sundaram K
  • To investigate the mechanism of androgen-induced thymolysis, the effects of various androgens, including testosterone (T), 19-nortestosterone, and 7 alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone (MENT), were compared with those of estradiol and dexamethasone (DEX) in intact, castrated, and adrenalectomized male rats. The potency comparisons on thymus regression, based on mass of steroids, showed DEX to be the …
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