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38 results
  • [Anesthesia, ventilation and pain treatment in thoracic trauma]. [Review]
    Unfallchirurg 2018; 121(8):634-641Weigeldt M, Paul M, … Schmittner MD
  • The management of anesthesia plays a central role in the treatment of thoracic trauma, both in the initial phase when safeguarding the difficult airway and in the intensive care unit. A rapid transfer to a trauma center should be considered in order to recognize and treat organ dysfunction in time. Development of atelectasis, pneumonia and acute lung failure are common pulmonary complications. No…
  • [A variant of transvesical extraurethral adenomectomy]. [Journal Article]
    Urologiia 2007 Jul-Aug; (4):37-9, 41Arbuliev MG, Zaĭnulabidov ZSh, … Arbuliev KM
  • To facilitate extraurethral adenomectomy, we used a semicylindric scalpel and metallic tube (tubus) to make a semioval cut parallel to proximal prostatic portion of the urethra along the posterior semicircle of the bladder neck in 260 patients with prostatic adenoma (PA). The urethra was isolated from the adenomatous tissues. The vesicular cut was prolonged left and right to the level of ureteral…
  • [Cytoreductive procedures in advanced primary ovarian carcinoma]. [Case Reports]
    Acta Chir Iugosl 2001; 48(1):71-5Kecmanović D, Kovacević P, … Ceranić M
  • Female patient, 68, hospitalized due to vaginal bleeding, anaemia and defecation disorder. We have done examinations as follows: clinical and laboratory exams, which confirmed severe anaemia. Explorative curretage of uterus--PH findings: malignant tissue. Rectoscopy: extraluminal compression at lo cm from the anal verge. Irigography: spasticity and extraluminal compression to proximal third of re…
  • [Percutaneous intrarenal ultrasonography]. [Journal Article]
    Urologiia 2001 Jan-Feb; (1):40-6Martov AG, Saliukova IuR, … Demin AI
  • In vivo and in vitro experiments were made to study percutaneous intrarenal ultrasonography (PIU). The transurethral ultrasonic probe (5.5 MHz, 1850 "Bruel&Kjer, Denmark) was inserted through the nephrostomic fistula in the dilated pelvis with the tubus of the nephroscope K. Storz 27093B. Scanning of the cavitary renal system and ureteropelvic zone was conducted by moving the probe in the longitu…
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