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295 results
  • Emerging targets for cough therapies; NK1 receptor antagonists. [Review]
    Pulm Pharmacol Ther 2019; 59:101853Badri H, Smith JA
  • Cough is mediated by vagal afferent fibres innervating the larynx and proximal airways. Pre-clinical studies suggest that vagal C fibres produce Substance P, one of the tachykinin family of neuropeptides, which has been shown to enhance cough via the neurokinin-1 (NK-1) receptor and studies in animal models have also shown that NK-1 antagonists are effective at blocking induced cough. In the past…
  • Dual Tasking Influences Cough Sensorimotor Outcomes in Healthy Young Adults. [Journal Article]
    J Speech Lang Hear Res 2019; 62(9):3596-3606Perry SE, Troche MS
  • Purpose Reflex cough is an essential airway protective mechanism that often occurs in the context of divided attention. The effect of divided attention on measures of reflexive cough airflow and sensitivity remains unknown. We present findings from a study testing the effects of divided attention (via a dual-task paradigm) on measures of reflex cough in healthy young adults. Method Volunteers (N …
  • Are neural pathways processing airway inputs sensitized in patients with cough hypersensitivity? [Review]
    Pulm Pharmacol Ther 2019; 57:101806Farrell MJ, Mazzone SB
  • Patients with cough hypersensitivity exhibit unusually low thresholds for responses to tussive stimuli, exaggerated responses to suprathreshold tussive stimuli, and report spontaneous experiences of urge-to-cough in the absence of exogenous stimulation. These aberrant responses to tussive challenge have the hallmark features of behaviours associated with a sensitized sensory system. Searching for…
  • Clinical characteristics of pediatric pertussis cases, Quebec 2015-2017. [Journal Article]
    Can Commun Dis Rep 2018; 44(9):190-195Desjardins M, Iachimov D, … Quach C
  • CONCLUSIONS: Pertussis still affects children of all ages in Quebec. In older children, it tends to be a milder disease. When it affects infants, who do not yet have full protection from pertussis vaccination, it often causes severe disease, especially in those less than three months of age. This evidence further supports the implementation of a pertussis vaccination program in pregnant women.
  • BLU-5937: A selective P2X3 antagonist with potent anti-tussive effect and no taste alteration. [Journal Article]
    Pulm Pharmacol Ther 2019; 56:56-62Garceau D, Chauret N
  • BLU-5937 is a small molecule that was shown to be a potent, selective and non-competitive P2X3 homotrimeric receptor antagonist. P2X3 receptors are ATP ion-gated channels located on primary afferent neurons. ATP released from damaged or inflamed tissues in the airways acts on P2X3 receptors of primary afferent neurons, triggering depolarization and action potentials that are transmitted centrally…
  • Targeting C-fibers for peripheral acting anti-tussive drugs. [Review]
    Pulm Pharmacol Ther 2019; 56:15-19Patil MJ, Sun H, … Undem BJ
  • Activation of vagal C-fibers is likely involved in some types of pathological coughing, especially coughing that is associated with airway inflammation. This is because stimulation of vagal C-fibers leads to strong urge to cough sensations, and because C-fiber terminals can be strongly activated by mediators associated with airway inflammation. The most direct manner in which a given mediator can…
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