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(vascular tuft)
296 results
  • Silver nanoparticle-induced nephrotoxicity in Clarias gariepinus: physio-histological biomarkers. [Journal Article]
    Fish Physiol Biochem 2019Mahmoud UM, Mekkawy IAA, … Sayed AEH
  • The present study investigates the nephrotoxic effects of two acute doses of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) and silver nitrate (AgNO3) on the African catfish, Clarias gariepinus, using biochemical, histochemical, and histopathological changes as biomarkers. AgNP-induced impacts were recorded in some of these characteristics on the bases of their size (20 and 40 nm) and concentration (10 and 100 μg/…
  • Systemic Rho-kinase inhibition using fasudil in mice with oxygen-induced retinopathy. [Journal Article]
    Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol 2019; 257(8):1699-1708Brockmann C, Corkhill C, … Joussen AM
  • CONCLUSIONS: In conclusion, our findings support that daily systemic application of fasudil does not decrease retinal neovascularization in rodents with oxygen-induced retinopathy. The results of our study together with the controversial results on the effects of different ROCK inhibitors from the literature makes it apparent that effects of ROCK inhibition are more complex, and further studies are necessary to analyze its potential therapeutic effects.
  • 53BP1 Deficiency Promotes Pathological Neovascularization in Proliferative Retinopathy. [Journal Article]
    Thromb Haemost 2019; 119(3):439-448Troullinaki M, Garcia-Martin R, … Economopoulou M
  • The replication stress inflicted on retinal endothelial cells (ECs) in the context of hypoxia-induced pathological neovascularization during proliferative retinopathy is linked with activation of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) repair response. Here, we studied the effect of deficiency of the DNA damage response adaptor 53BP1, which is an antagonist of homologous recombination (HR), in the contex…
  • Anti-angiogenic effects of valproic acid in a mouse model of oxygen-induced retinopathy. [Journal Article]
    J Pharmacol Sci 2018; 138(3):203-208Iizuka N, Morita A, … Nakahara T
  • Pathological retinal angiogenesis contributes to the pathogenesis of several ocular diseases. Valproic acid, a widely used antiepileptic drug, exerts anti-angiogenic effects by inhibiting histone deacetylase (HDAC). Herein, we investigated the effects of valproic acid and vorinostat, a HDAC inhibitor, on pathological retinal angiogenesis in mice with oxygen-induced retinopathy (OIR). OIR was indu…
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