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(vegetative function)
16,644 results
  • Fackel interacts with gibberellic acid signaling and vernalization to mediate flowering in Arabidopsis. [Journal Article]
  • PPlanta 2017 Jan 20
  • Huang B, Qian P, … Hou S
  • CONCLUSIONS: Fackel (FK) is involved in the flowering of Arabidopsis mainly via the gibberellin pathway and vernalization pathway. This new function of FK is partially dependent on the FLOWERING LOCUS C ( FLC ). A common transitional process from vegetative stage to reproductive stage exists in higher plants during their life cycle. The initiation of flower bud differentiation, which plays a key role in the reproductive phase, is affected by both external environmental and internal regulatory factors. In this study, we showed that the Arabidopsis weak mutant allele fk-J3158, impaired in the FACKEL (FK) gene, which encodes a C-14 reductase involved in sterol biosynthesis, had a long life cycle and delayed flowering time in different photoperiods. In addition, FK overexpression lines displayed an earlier flowering phenotype than that of the wild type. These processes might be independent of the downstream brassinosteroid (BR) pathway and the autonomous pathway. However, the fk-J3158 plants were more sensitive than wild type in reducing the bolting days and total leaf number under gibberellic acid (GA) treatment. Further studies suggested that FK mutation led to an absence of endogenous GAs in fk-J3158 and FK gene expression was also affected under GA and paclobutrazol (PAC) treatment. Moreover, the delayed flowering time of fk-J3158 could be rescued by a 3-week vernalization treatment, and the expression of FLOWERING LOCUS C (FLC) was accordingly down-regulated in fk-J3158. We also demonstrated that flowering time of fk-J3158 flc double mutant was significantly earlier than that of fk-J3158 under the long-day (LD) conditions. All these results indicated that FK may affect the flowering in Arabidopsis mainly via GA pathway and vernalization pathway. And these effects are partially dependent on the FLOWERING LOCUS C (FLC).
  • An Apple a Day. [Editorial]
  • APActa Physiol (Oxf) 2017 Jan 19
  • Persson PB, Persson AB
  • An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away - you may have heard the phrase more than once, as it has become so famous that translated versions circulate in a number of modern languages ["una mela al giorno...
  • Familiar auditory sensory training in chronic traumatic brain injury: a case study. [Journal Article]
  • DRDisabil Rehabil 2017 Jan 19; :1-7
  • Sullivan EG, Guernon A, … Pape TL
  • CONCLUSIONS: The results emphasize the importance for continued evaluation and treatment of individuals in chronic states of seriously impaired consciousness with a variety of tools. Further study of auditory stimulation as a passive treatment paradigm for this population is warranted. Implications for Rehabilitation Clinicians should be equipped with treatment options to enhance neurobehavioral improvements when traditional treatment methods fail to deliver or maintain functional behavioral changes. Routine assessment is crucial to detect subtle changes in neurobehavioral function even in chronic states of disordered consciousness and determine potential preserved cognitive abilities that may not be evident due to unreliable motor responses given motoric impairments. Familiar Auditory Stimulation Training (FAST) is an ideal passive stimulation that can be supplied by families, allied health clinicians and nursing staff of all levels.
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