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308,652 results
  • Pediatric partial gelfoam myringoplasty with ventilation tube placement. [Journal Article]
    Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 2019; 126:109632Belsky MA, Jabbour N
  • CONCLUSIONS: A partial myringoplasty is a simple procedure to close existing TM perforations while maintaining ventilation to the middle ear that can potentially improve hearing, provide ongoing ventilation, and eventually result in TM closure without the need for more complex repair. It may serve as a reasonable first line treatment for repair of perforations, reserving tympanoplasty for patients who fail this procedure.
  • Benefits and risks of long-term recycling of pharmaceutical sewage sludge on agricultural soil. [Journal Article]
    Sci Total Environ 2019; 695:133762Cucina M, Ricci A, … Gigliotti G
  • European policy is direct towards increasing the agricultural reuse of sludge on soil for improving the fertility; however, the effects of long-term pharmaceutical sewage sludge (PSS) application on soil properties are still unknown. Thus, the aim of this work was to evaluate the agronomic and environmental effects on soil after 17 years of organic amendment with PSS derived from daptomycin produ…
  • Reversible dimerization of cytochrome c oxidase regulates mitochondrial respiration. [Journal Article]
    Mitochondrion 2019Ramzan R, Rhiel A, … Vogt S
  • Almost all energy consumed by higher organisms, either in the form of ATP or heat, is produced in mitochondria by respiration and oxidative phosphorylation through five protein complexes in the inner membrane. High-resolution x-ray analysis of crystallized cytochrome c oxidase (CytOx), the final oxygen-accepting complex of the respiratory chain, isolated by using cholate as detergent, revealed a …
  • Propofol reduces acute lung injury by up-regulating gamma-aminobutyric acid type a receptors. [Journal Article]
    Exp Mol Pathol 2019; :104295Huang T, Zhang Y, … Gao J
  • CONCLUSIONS: In this study, we found that the administration of propofol improved lung function, alleviated lung injury, and up-regulated the GAD and GABAAR expressions in a two-hit model of acute lung injury (ALI) characterized by intratracheal instillation of an endotoxin and prolonged MV. Therefore, the protective effects of propofol may be associated with the up-regulation of GABAA receptors in AECs.
  • Rocuronium vs. Succinylcholine for Rapid Sequence Intubation. [Journal Article]
    Acad Emerg Med 2019Bakhsh A
  • Rapid sequence intubation (RSI), placing a tube into the trachea facilitated by rapid sedation and paralysis to improve ventilation and oxygenation, is a common procedure in emergent, critical care, and operating room settings. There is great interest in drugs that improve the process. The two most commonly used paralytic agents in the emergency department are succinylcholine (depolarizing) and r…
  • Mutant Huntingtin Fails to Directly Impair Brain Mitochondria. [Journal Article]
    J Neurochem 2019Hamilton J, Brustovetsky T, Brustovetsky N
  • Although the mechanisms by which mutant huntingtin (mHtt) results in Huntington's disease (HD) remain unclear, mHtt-induced mitochondrial defects were implicated in HD pathogenesis. The effect of mHtt could be mediated by transcriptional alterations, by direct interaction with mitochondria, or by both. In the present study, we tested a hypothesis that mHtt directly damages mitochondria. To test t…
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