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9 results
  • Reduction of cerebral infarction using the third circulation. [Journal Article]
    Crit Care Med 2002; 30(12):2684-8Bell RD, Frazer GD, … Osterholm JL
  • CONCLUSIONS: Fluorochemical emulsion delivery of oxygen and nutrients directly to the brain by means of ventriculocisternal perfusion is a viable treatment alternative for cerebral ischemia. In addition, this technique may control elevations in intracranial pressure following stroke.
  • Effects of posterior fossa decompression with and without duraplasty on Chiari malformation-associated hydromyelia. [Journal Article]
    Neurosurgery 2000; 46(6):1384-9; discussion 1389-90Munshi I, Frim D, … Brown F
  • CONCLUSIONS: PFD, C1 laminectomy, and duraplasty for the treatment of Chiari I malformation may lead to a more reliable reduction in the volume of concomitant hydromyelia, compared with PFD and C1 laminectomy alone. However, there seems to be a subset of patients whose symptoms will resolve and whose hydromyelic cavity will decrease with the removal of bone only. These patients seem to undergo a volumetric increase in the posterior fossa. Further studies are needed to better characterize these patients, to determine which patients with Chiari I malformation are better served with bony decompression only, and which will require duraplasty to resolve their hydromyelia.
  • Brain resuscitation. Nursing interventions. [Review]
    Crit Care Nurs Clin North Am 1989; 1(1):155-64Sullivan J
  • Critical care nurses who participate in brain resuscitation are constantly challenged to meet the dynamically changing demands of cerebral preservation therapy. New therapies are continuously being developed, experimentally tested, and clinically implemented. Calcium channel blockers, hemodilution, free radical scavengers, and ventriculosubarachnoid perfusion of oxygenated fluorocarbon emulsions …
  • Brain amine metabolism is reflected in cerebral ventricular CSF. [Journal Article]
    J Physiol (Paris) 1984; 79(6):531-5Elghozi JL, Danguir J, … Laude D
  • The choroid plexuses are suspended within the ventricles and account for approximately 75% of CSF production. The sodium-potassium ATPase operates within the choroidal epithelial cells and moves sodium ions towards the ventricular surface and potassium ions in the direction of the stroma. Water flows into CSF along osmotic gradient produced by sodium pump. The existence of extracellular channels …
  • The pathogenesis of pseudotumor cerebri--a mathematical analysis. [Journal Article]
    J Neurol Sci 1980; 48(1):51-60Aisenberg RM, Rottenberg DA
  • Although the clinical and laboratory features of pseudotumor cerebri have been clearly delineated, the pathogenesis of idiopathic pseudotumor remains a mystery. A number of pathogenetic mechanisms have been proposed to account for some or all of the observed cases. We describe a model relating changes in CSF outflow resistance and/or dural sinus venous pressure to observed changes in (i) CSF pres…
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