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5,371 results
  • A Perspective: Active Role of Lipids in Neurotransmitter Dynamics. [Review]
    Mol Neurobiol 2019Postila PA, Róg T
  • Synaptic neurotransmission is generally considered as a function of membrane-embedded receptors and ion channels in response to the neurotransmitter (NT) release and binding. This perspective aims to widen the protein-centric view by including another vital component-the synaptic membrane-in the discussion. A vast set of atomistic molecular dynamics simulations and biophysical experiments indicat…
  • To support and not to cure: general practitioner management of loneliness. [Journal Article]
    Health Soc Care Community 2019Jovicic A, McPherson S
  • Loneliness is associated with numerous detrimental effects on physical health, mental health, cognition and lifestyle. Older adults are one of the groups at highest risk of loneliness, and indeed about 46% of older adults in England feel lonely. Those experiencing loneliness visit their general practitioner (GP) more frequently than those who are not, which has the capacity to put a strain on GPs…
  • Single molecule analysis of structural fluctuations in DNA nanostructures. [Journal Article]
    Nanoscale 2019; 11(39):18475-18482Jepsen MDE, Sørensen RS, … Birkedal V
  • DNA origami is an excellent tool for building complex artificial nanostructures. Functionalization of these structures provides the possibility of precise organization of matter at the nanoscale. In practice, efforts in this endeavour can be impeded by electrostatic repulsion or other dynamics at the molecular scale, resulting in uncompliant local structures. Using single molecule FRET microscopy…
  • The functional microscopic neuroanatomy of the human subthalamic nucleus. [Journal Article]
    Brain Struct Funct 2019Alkemade A, de Hollander G, … Forstmann BU
  • The subthalamic nucleus (STN) is successfully used as a surgical target for deep brain stimulation in the treatment of movement disorders. Interestingly, the internal structure of the STN is still incompletely understood. The objective of the present study was to investigate three-dimensional (3D) immunoreactivity patterns for 12 individual protein markers for GABA-ergic, serotonergic, dopaminerg…
  • A system dynamic perspective of stop-start prevention interventions in Australia. [Journal Article]
    Health Promot Int 2019Roussy V, Riley T, … Russell G
  • Time-limited prevention initiatives are frequently used to address complex and persisting public health issues, such as non-communicable diseases. This often creates issues in terms of achieving sustainable change. In this study, we use a system dynamic perspective to explore the effects of stop-start funding over system behaviour in two community-based initiatives designed to prevent chronic dis…
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