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411 results
  • Investigating the epi-miRNome: identification of epi-miRNAs using transfection experiments. [Journal Article]
    Epigenomics 2019; 11(14):1581-1599Reale E, Taverna D, … Caselle M
  • Aim: Growing evidence shows a strong interplay between post-transcriptional regulation, mediated by miRNAs (miRs) and epigenetic regulation. Nevertheless, the number of experimentally validated miRs (called epi-miRs) involved in these regulatory circuitries is still very small. Material & methods: We propose a pipeline to prioritize candidate epi-miRs and to identify potential epigenetic interac…
  • Influence of Oncotherapy and Clinical Parameters on Survival of Glioblastoma Patients: A Single Center Experience. [Journal Article]
    Neurol India 2019 Jul-Aug; 67(4):1066-1073Klekner A, Tóth J, … Bognár L
  • CONCLUSIONS: Both TMZ and BVC had a beneficial effect on glioblastoma patients' survival, but tested clinical parameters showed no evident accordance with final outcome. Although neurosurgery has an indispensable role in resecting space occupying tumors and providing good postoperative performance score patients for oncotherapy, the survival of glioblastoma patients depends rather on radio- and chemo-sensitivity than tested clinical parameters.
  • Surfactant specific ionic strength effects on membrane fouling during produced water treatment. [Journal Article]
    J Colloid Interface Sci 2019; 556:12-23Dickhout JM, Virga E, … de Vos WM
  • Membrane filtration is a technique that can be successfully applied to remove oil from stable oil-in-water emulsions. This is especially interesting for the re-use of produced water (PW), a water stream stemming from the petrochemical industry, which contains dispersed oil, surface-active components and often has a high ionic strength. Due to the complexity of this emulsion, membrane fouling by p…
  • Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy of single and multi-layer graphene. [Journal Article]
    Nat Commun 2019; 10(1):3658Virga A, Ferrante C, … Scopigno T
  • Spontaneous Raman spectroscopy is a powerful characterization tool for graphene research. Its extension to the coherent regime, despite the large nonlinear third-order susceptibility of graphene, has so far proven challenging. Due to its gapless nature, several interfering electronic and phononic transitions concur to generate its optical response, preventing to retrieve spectral profiles analogo…
  • Role of miRNAs in tumor and endothelial cell interactions during tumor progression. [Review]
    Semin Cancer Biol 2019Orso F, Quirico L, … Taverna D
  • Cancer is a multistep disease based on crucial interactions between tumor cells and the microenvironment (extracellular matrix and stroma/immune cells). In fact, during dissemination, tumor cells have to escape from the primary tumor mass, cross the basal membrane, interact with endothelial cells to enter blood vessels (intravasation), survive in the bloodstream, get in contact with endothelial c…
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