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  • Brain Control Reproduction by the Endocrine System of Female Blue Gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus). [Review]
    Biology (Basel). 2020 May 21; 9(5)Degani G
  • Blue gourami belongs to the Labyrinithici fish and the Anabantiform order. It is characterized by a specific organ located above its gills for the respiration of atmospheric oxygen. This specific adaptation to low oxygen levels affects reproduction that is controlled by the brain, which integrates different effects on reproduction mainly through two axes-the gonadotropic brain pituitary gonad axi…
  • The effect of E93 knockdown on female reproduction in the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum. [Journal Article]
    Arch Insect Biochem Physiol. 2020 May 11 [Online ahead of print]Eid DM, Chareddy SCRR, Palli SR
  • The E93 transcription factor is a member of helix-turn-helix transcription factor family containing a Pip-squeak motif. This ecdysone primary response gene was identified as a regulator of cell death in Drosophila melanogaster where it is involved in ecdysone-induced autophagy and caspase activity that mediate degeneration of larval tissues during metamorphosis from larva to pupa. However, its fu…
  • Vitellogenin offsets oxidative costs of reproduction in female painted dragon lizards. [Journal Article]
    J Exp Biol. 2020 May 11 [Online ahead of print]Lindsay WR, Friesen CR, … Olsson M
  • Vitellogenesis ("yolking" of follicles) is a bioenergetically costly stage of reproduction requiring enlargement of the liver to produce vitellogenin (VTG) yolk precursor proteins, which are transported and deposited at the ovary. VTG may, however, serve non-nutritive antioxidant functions, a hypothesis supported by empirical work on aging and other life-history transitions in several taxa. We te…
  • Study of the effect of cypermethrin on the spider Polybetes phytagoricus in different energy states. [Journal Article]
    Pestic Biochem Physiol. 2020 May; 165:104559.Laino A, Garcia CF
  • Spiders are found among the most important predators of plague insects of numerous agricultural systems. They are the most numerous representatives of the Class Arachnid and are widely distributed in numerous ecosystems. Due to multiple variables, living beings are exposed to quantitative transitions of their energetic reserves, which affect their sensitivity before the different xenobiotics. In …
  • Role of Oxytocin/Vasopressin-Like Peptide and Its Receptor in Vitellogenesis of Mud Crab. [Journal Article]
    Int J Mol Sci. 2020 Mar 26; 21(7)Lin D, Wei Y, Ye H
  • Oxytocin (OT)/vasopressin (VP) signaling system is important to the regulation of metabolism, osmoregulation, social behaviours, learning, and memory, while the regulatory mechanism on ovarian development is still unclear in invertebrates. In this study, Spot/vp-like and its receptor (Spot/vpr-like) were identified in the mud crab Scylla paramamosain. Spot/vp-like transcripts were mainly expresse…
  • Annelid Coelomic Fluid Proteins. [Review]
    Subcell Biochem. 2020; 94:1-34.Schenk S, Hoeger U
  • The coelomic cavity is part of the main body plan of annelids. This fluid filled space takes up a considerable volume of the body and serves as an important site of exchange of both metabolites and proteins. In addition to low molecular substances such as amino acids and glucose and lactate, the coelomic fluid contains different proteins that can arise through release from adjacent tissues (intes…
  • Bioelectrical and cytoskeletal patterns correlate with altered axial polarity in the follicular epithelium of the Drosophila mutant gurken. [Journal Article]
    BMC Dev Biol. 2020 03 13; 20(1):5.Schotthöfer SK, Bohrmann J
  • CONCLUSIONS: Our results show that bioelectrical polarity and cytoskeletal polarity are closely linked to axial polarity in both wt and grk. When primary polarity signals are altered, both bioelectrical and cytoskeletal patterns in the follicular epithelium change. We propose that not only cell-specific levels of Vmem and pHi, or the polarities of transcellular electrochemical gradients, but also the slopes of these gradients are crucial for cytoskeletal modifications and, thus, for proper development of epithelial polarity.
  • A serpin from the tick Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides: Involvement in vitellogenesis. [Journal Article]
    Vet Parasitol. 2020 Mar; 279:109064.Xu Z, Yan Y, … Zhou J
  • Tick serpins are involved in enzyme activity, food digestion, blood-feeding, immune response and anticoagulation. Little is known about the potential roles of serpins in tick reproduction. RHS8, a serpin from the tick Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides, has an open reading frame 1212 bp long and encodes a protein that has 404 amino acids and a predicted molecular weight of 45 kDa. RHS8 exhibits 89.58…
  • The opioid peptide dynorphin suppresses pituitary-ovary axis in the tilapia Oreochromis mossambicus. [Journal Article]
    J Fish Biol. 2020 Mar; 96(3):747-754.Vijayalaxmi , Ganesh CB
  • The opioid peptides are involved in the regulation of neuroendocrine functions in vertebrates. Nonetheless, the influence of an opioid peptide, dynorphin A (DYN), on reproduction in fish is understudied. The aim of this work was to study the influence of DYN on the pituitary-ovary axis in Oreochromis mossambicus. Daily injections (ip) of 250 μg DYN kg-1 body weight for 22 days during the ovarian …
  • Identification and stable expression of vitellogenin receptor through vitellogenesis in the European eel. [Journal Article]
    Animal. 2020 Jan 23 [Online ahead of print]Morini M, Lafont AG, … Pérez L
  • In teleosts, vitellogenin (Vtg) is a phospholipoglycoprotein synthesized by the liver, released into the blood circulation and incorporated into the oocytes via endocytosis mediated by the Vtg receptor (VTGR) to form the yolk granules. The VTGR is crucial for oocyte growth in egg-laying animals but is also present in non-oviparous vertebrates, such as human. The VTGR belongs to the low-density li…
  • Rhythmic change of adipokinetic hormones diurnally regulates locust vitellogenesis and egg development. [Journal Article]
    Insect Mol Biol. 2020 Jan 06 [Online ahead of print]Zheng H, Chen C, … Zhou S
  • Adipokinetic hormones (AKHs), the neurohormones synthesized in the insect corpora cardiaca are known to mobilize lipids and carbohydrates for energy-consuming activities including reproduction. However, both inhibitory and stimulatory effects of AKHs on insect reproduction have been reported, and the underlying mechanisms remain elusive. Using the migratory locust, Locusta migratoria, as a model …
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