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180,676 results
  • Exercise before bed does not impact sleep inertia in young healthy males. [Journal Article]
    J Sleep Res 2019; :e12903Vincent GE, Sargent C, … Lastella M
  • Sleep inertia is the transitional state marked by impaired cognitive performance and reduced vigilance upon waking. Exercising before bed may increase the amount of slow-wave sleep within the sleep period, which has previously been associated with increased sleep inertia. Healthy males (n = 12) spent 3 nights in a sleep laboratory (1-night washout period between each night) and completed one of t…
  • Differential Exposure to Job Stressors: A Comparative Analysis Between Migrant and Australia-Born Workers. [Journal Article]
    Ann Work Expo Health 2019Liu X, Bowe SJ, … Lamontagne AD
  • CONCLUSIONS: This study suggests that skill discretion and job complexity but not decision authority is associated with migrant status. Migrants with high educational attainment from Non-English-speaking countries appear to be most affected by lower skill discretion/job complexity and decision authority; however, differences in skill discretion and job complexity attenuate over time for Non-ESC-born migrants, consistent with an acculturation effect. Low skill discretion and job complexity, to the extent that it overlaps with underemployment, may adversely affect migrant workers' well-being. Targeted language skill support could facilitate migrant integration into the Australian labour market.
  • Coupled Electron- and Phase-Transfer Reactions at a Three-Phase Interface. [Journal Article]
    J Am Chem Soc 2019Terry Weatherly CK, Ren H, … White HS
  • Coupled electron- and phase-transfer reactions are fundamentally important in electrochemical energy conversion and storage, e.g., intercalation of Li+ in batteries, and electrochemistry at the triple-phase boundary in fuel cells. The mechanism, energetics and kinetics of these complex reactions play an important role in device performance. Herein, we describe experimental methodology to quantita…
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