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240 results
  • Occurrence and distribution of lipophilic phycotoxins in a subtropical bay of the South China Sea. [Journal Article]
    Chemosphere 2019; 243:125352Liu Y, Zhang P, … Zhang L
  • Lipophilic phycotoxins (LPs) pose significant threats to the health of marine mammals, birds, and human beings. The distribution and components of lipophilic phycotoxins contamination in subtropical area in the South China Sea are rarely known. This study systematically assessed the composition, concentration, and distribution of typical LPs in a typical subtropical bay, Daya Bay located in the S…
  • Novel Insights on the Toxicity of Phycotoxins on the Gut through the Targeting of Enteric Glial Cells. [Journal Article]
    Mar Drugs 2019; 17(7)Reale O, Huguet A, Fessard V
  • In vitro and in vivo studies have shown that phycotoxins can impact intestinal epithelial cells and can cross the intestinal barrier to some extent. Therefore, phycotoxins can reach cells underlying the epithelium, such as enteric glial cells (EGCs), which are involved in gut homeostasis, motility, and barrier integrity. This study compared the toxicological effects of pectenotoxin-2 (PTX2), yess…
  • Contamination status of lipophilic marine toxins in shellfish samples from the Bohai Sea, China. [Journal Article]
    Environ Pollut 2019; 249:171-180Liu Y, Yu RC, … Zhou MJ
  • Lipophilic marine toxins in shellfish pose significant threats to the health of seafood consumers. To assess the contamination status of shellfish by lipophilic marine toxins in the Bohai Sea, nine species of shellfish periodically collected from five representative aquaculture zones throughout a year were analyzed with a method of liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). Lipoph…
  • Devastating farmed abalone mortalities attributed to yessotoxin-producing dinoflagellates. [Journal Article]
    Harmful Algae 2019; 81:30-41Pitcher GC, Foord CJ, … van der Molen L
  • A large dinoflagellate bloom in Walker Bay (South Africa) in January 2017 impacted 3 land-based abalone farms resulting in the death of several million animals. Satellite-derived images of Chl-a from the Ocean and Land Colour Imager (OLCI) on board the European Space Agency Sentinel-3 A showed bloom initiation in late December 2016 and dispersal in mid-February 2017. The bloom was dominated by tw…
  • [Yessotoxin: risk assessment for public health. Justification of regulations of content in seafood]. [Review]
    Vopr Pitan 2018; 87(3):18-29Bagryantseva OV, Evstratova AD, Khotimchenko SA
  • Yessotoxin and its derivatives (about 90) are isolated from algae belonging to the species Protoceratium reticulatum, Gonyaulax cf. Spinifera, Lingulodinium polyedrum and from invertebrate organisms that feed on these algae. Previously yessotoxin have been associated with the group of diarrheal toxins. Later studies of the possible impact of yessotoxin on the activity of alkaline phosphatase allo…
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