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10,861 results
  • Complete Measurement of the Λ Electromagnetic Form Factors. [Journal Article]
    Phys Rev Lett 2019; 123(12):122003Ablikim M, Achasov MN, … BESIII Collaboration
  • The exclusive process e^{+}e^{-}→ΛΛ[over ¯], with Λ→pπ^{-} and Λ[over ¯]→p[over ¯]π^{+}, has been studied at sqrt[s]=2.396 GeV for measurement of the timelike Λ electric and magnetic form factors, G_{E} and G_{M}. A data sample, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 66.9 pb^{-1}, was collected with the BESIII detector for this purpose. A multidimensional analysis with a complete decomposit…
  • Application Of Adoptive Immunotherapy In Ovarian Cancer. [Journal Article]
    Onco Targets Ther 2019; 12:7975-7991Yang S, Yin X, … Wang S
  • Ovarian cancer (OC) has been the most fatal gynecological disease that threatens women's health. Surgery and platinum-based chemotherapy are the basic ovarian cancer treatments that can improve survival, but the five-year survival rate has not improved because of delayed diagnosis, drug resistance, and recurrence. Novel treatments are needed to improve the prognosis and survival rate of ovarian c…
  • The hypertensive potential of estrogen: An untold story. [Review]
    Vascul Pharmacol 2019; :106600Fardoun M, Dehaini H, … Eid AH
  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD) are the major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The implication of estrogen in these diseases has been extensively studied. While the vast majority of argue for a cardioprotective role of estrogen in vascular inflammation such as in atherosclerosis, the role of estrogen in hypertension remains far from being resolved. The vasorelaxant effect of estrogen has …
  • Fungal keratitis: Pathogenesis, diagnosis and prevention. [Review]
    Microb Pathog 2019; :103802Niu L, Liu X, … Zheng Y
  • As a kind of serious, potentially sight-threatening corneal infections with poor prognosis, fungal keratitis can bring a heavy economic burden to patients and seriously affect the quality of life, especially those in developing countries where fungal keratitis is more prevalent. Typical clinical features include immune rings, satellite lesions, pseudopods, hypha moss, hypopyon and endothelial pla…
  • An alternative approach for estimating the number needed to treat for survival endpoints. [Journal Article]
    PLoS One 2019; 14(10):e0223301Yang Z, Yin G
  • To investigate the issues of the NNT based on the absolute risk reduction (ARR), namely NNTARR; and to propose an alternative definition and an estimation procedure based on the restricted mean survival time (RMST), namely NNTRMST, for RCTs. Three recent clinical trials with survival endpoints, representing different scenarios, were selected to compare the performance of the NNTARR and NNTRMST. F…
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