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390 results
  • Reintroduction of quazepam: an update on comparative hypnotic and adverse effects. [Journal Article]
    Int Clin Psychopharmacol 2019; 34(6):275-285Moniri NH
  • Insomnia is a prevalent disorder that affects over one-third of the U.S. population to varying degrees and is highly disruptive towards quality of life. Pharmacological treatments for insomnia include benzodiazepines (BZs) and the non-BZ 'Z-drugs' (zolpidem, zaleplon, eszopiclone, zopiclone), which are amongst the most widely prescribed medications. Yet, these agents can produce adverse effects s…
  • Drug Interactions in Space: a Cause for Concern? [Journal Article]
    Pharm Res 2019; 36(8):114Berman E, Eyal S
  • CONCLUSIONS: Most potential DDIs likely to be encountered in space are unestablished even in terrestrial medicine and their assignment is based on class-effects. Yet, some drug combinations may be associated with clinically-relevant consequences. Future DDI rating should be adjusted to space-related outcomes. Until that happens, it would be advisable to avoid non-established drug combinations in space when possible.
  • Time Course of Aldehyde Oxidase and Why It Is Nonlinear. [Journal Article]
    Drug Metab Dispos 2019; 47(5):473-483Abbasi A, Paragas EM, … Jones JP
  • Many promising drug candidates metabolized by aldehyde oxidase (AOX) fail during clinical trial owing to underestimation of their clearance. AOX is species-specific, which makes traditional allometric studies a poor choice for estimating human clearance. Other studies have suggested using half-life calculated by measuring substrate depletion to measure clearance. In this study, we proposed using …
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