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246 results
  • Two new taxa of Plebejus Kluk, 1780 (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae) from the Gobi desert, Mongolia. [Journal Article]
    Zootaxa 2019; 4695(1):zootaxa.4695.1.3Churkin SV, Kolesnichenko KA, Yakovlev RV
  • Plebejus chrisreai sp. n. and P. anikini azhbogdo ssp. n. are described from the Dzhungarian Gobi desert and the Transaltajan Gobi desert respectively. External distinctions as well as distinctions of the male genitalia are given for the new taxa and two related species known from Mongolia: Plebejus anikini Yakovlev, 2012 and P. germani Yakovlev, 2012. Genitalia of all the taxa mentioned are illu…
  • Revision of the Holarctic genus Gloma Meigen (Diptera: Empidoidea: Brachystomatidae: Trichopezinae). [Journal Article]
    Zootaxa 2019; 4656(2):zootaxa.4656.2.5Sinclair BJ, Cumming JM, … Saigusa T
  • The Holarctic genus Gloma Meigen is revised and includes five species (G. fuscipennis Meigen, G. fuscipes Melander, G. luctuosa Melander, G. pectinipes Melander, G. pyricornis Saigusa Sinclair sp. nov.) and two undescribed species from China, presently known only from females. The monotypic Baltic amber genus Palaeoparamesia Meunier is discussed as possibly congeneric with Gloma. The Baltic amber…
  • A taxonomic monograph of the genus Solariola Flach, 1908 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae). [Journal Article]
    Zootaxa 2019; 4676(1):zootaxa.4676.1.1Bello' C, Osella G, Baviera C
  • A revision of the genus Solariola Flach, 1908 of the tribe Peritelini Lacordaire (1863) (Curculionidae: Entiminae) which includes forty-three species is completed. According to morphological characters and distribution, the species are divided into three informal groups (the number of species ascribed to the group is in brackets). These are the Solariola doderoi group (15), the Solariola gestroi …
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