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Target learner

Prelicensure; can be used for staff nurses as well


All include interactive scenarios with embedded questions, scenarios include a variety of features such as video clips, avatars, and live actors (note not all scenarios have all the listed features). OER nursing textbooks and virtual simulations are collaboratively developed by faculty based on the WTCS State Nursing curriculum and the current NCLEX-RN Test Plan. Textbooks undergo national peer review by faculty, deans, industry members, and nursing students to ensure the content is accurate and relevant, written in clear language for pre-licensure nursing students, and based on current, evidence-based practices. All Open RN materials have CC-BY 4.0 Creative Commons licensing


Scenarios can be sent to students to complete asynchronously or synchronously. There are three different levels of access. The first level of access allows students to become totally immersed in a virtual reality scenario in the virtual space by using a gaming laptop and Oculus Rift-S headset. Alternatively, as a second level of access, a faculty member can log into Acadicus, screenshare the virtual reality scenario with students in a classroom or learning remotely, and lead them through the clinical judgments required to complete the virtual simulation. A third level of access allows students to easily complete free, online, asynchronous virtual simulations that are accessed by clicking on a hyperlink. Can find scenarios links in the OER textbooks. The Open Education Resources for Nursing site has two links under Virtual Simulations (VS). One goes to Virtual Reality Scenarios which links to a Scenario Plan and the other goes to VSs – which links to the LibreStudio. The VSs are on a different list titled – Open RN Virtual Simulations Using H5P, many of these have a Teaching Plan. There are other types of learning activities on the lists but are not scenario-based


NGN-type questions included in some. Simulation created using H5P with CC-BY licensing. There are a variety of access points to the OpenRN virtual products. The LibreStudio just opens up the scenario

Website (Open Education Resources for Nursing) (LibreStudio) (Open RN Virtual Reality Scenarios) (Open RN Virtual Simulations Using H5P)

Date of Review

February 21, 2023.*

*original product review is Arise

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Last updated: April 3, 2023