Installation Steps

System Requirements

A BlackBerry device with memory card support running BlackBerry OS 5, 6, or 7.


Begin the registration process online using your desktop computer. After registering, you will receive a welcome email which contains your serial number.

Download and Installation

The registration email you received contains detailed instructions on how to download your product. To begin, locate your email, point your BlackBerry browser to the web address in the email, and follow the instructions for downloading.

If you no longer have your registration email, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Unbound support site:
  2. Retrieve your serial number by entering your registered email in the "Request your serial number" text box
  3. Remain on the Unbound support site and enter your email and serial number in the "Download Software" section to download the latest version of the software.
Activating the product

Upon opening the application for the first time after installation, you will be prompted to enter your serial number. Your serial number can be found in the registration email sent by Unbound Medicine Registration. Depending on the speed of your wireless network, downloading the data may take a few minutes.


Launching the Application

To launch the application, press the BlackBerry menu button and then locate the appropriate icon. On devices using a version 4.6 or later operating system, press the BlackBerry menu button and then navigate to the "Downloads" folder.

Home Screen

The Home screen displays your currently selected content. To open a content resource, choose the entry in the list.


We recommend that you sync your device often to ensure that you have the most up-to-date content. Once you arrive at the program’s home page, you can do this wirelessly. Press the Menu key to access the appropriate pop-up menu. Next, use the trackball to highlight the "Sync Server" option, then press the trackball to sync.

Jump To

To find an entry quickly and avoid having to scroll through an entire index, use the Jump To feature. To access this feature, type any key to move the cursor to the Jump To line. Next, start typing the word you want to find. The cursor will automatically move to the correct entry as you type.


The Unbound platform allows you to Bookmark important information so you can return to it easily at anytime. To create a Bookmark, first navigate from the index view to the record you would like to bookmark. Once there, select the Menu key to the left of the trackball. A menu will appear - choose "Bookmarks". A second menu will appear with the options, "Add Bookmarks" and "Remove all Bookmarks". Select "Add Bookmark" to save your selection.

While you must be viewing a record to create a bookmark, you can view your list of bookmarks from any screen.To remove a Bookmark, select it from your list to access the bookmarked page. Select the Menu key again. When the pop-up menu appears, select "Remove Bookmark".


Unbound Medicine’s CrossLinks feature enables you to access desired information across your content. If you’re seeking related information across your Unbound resources, the power of Crosslinks makes it easy. Note: This feature will only appear when linked resources are available.

To utilize CrossLinks, press the Menu key while viewing a record at the page level. A pop-up menu will appear. If linked resources are available, you will see the CrossLinks option listed in the menu items. Use the trackball to highlight and then select it. Next, you will be presented with a dropdown menu which lists all available links. Again, use the trackball to highlight and then select the desired resource.


Selecting a Resource

The Home screen displays a list of your currently selected content. To open a resource, select the entry in the list. Reminder: The Unbound reader works with Blackberry’s navigation functionality to help you quickly locate the information you need. Once you select a resource and arrive at its main index page, moving the trackball left or right allows you to jump between fields: from the main index list, to the "Jump to" feature, to the index tab in the upper-right corner. Press the trackball to select any of these features.

Selecting an Index

You can switch between indexes by navigating to the pop-up menu and selecting an index. Press the Menu key to access the list of available indexes. Using the trackball, scroll to the desired index and press the trackball to select it.

NOTE: You can also access the available indexes by highlighting the tab in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Use the trackball to highlight the tab, then press it to display the indexes. Scroll to the desired index, then select it by pressing the trackball. Next, choose your desired index when the dropdown menu appears, as shown below.

Selecting an Entry

To find an entry quickly, use the "Jump to" feature as described above. To select an entry, highlight it and press the trackball.

Viewing a Record

To make for easier reading, each topic is divided into separate pages. To see the list of available pages, press the Menu key to access the pop-up menu. Next, scroll to the page you desire and select it. You can also move through the pages of a record by moving the device’s focus to the heading field and click the trackball to scroll.



  1. Can I install BlackBerry products on a memory card?
    Yes, the BlackBerry product requires a memory card to complete the installation.
  2. Where can I find my Serial Number?
    Your Serial Number will be emailed after registration. If you do not receive a registration email within 4 hours, please check the following:
    1. Did you provide a valid email address? If not, please re-register for the product with a valid email address
    2. Is your email account blocked or full? If so, please correct the problem. If the registration email does not arrive within 4 hours after your account is fixed, please re-register for the product.
  3. Will your products run on all BlackBerry devices?
    Our software will support any BlackBerry device that supports the use of a Storage Card. Storage cards are required to complete the installation to the device. At this time we support the BlackBerry Pearl (8100 series), BlackBerry Curve (8300 series), and the BlackBerry 8830 series.
  4. How do I uninstall the program?
    Uninstalling our software from your BlackBerry device is a two part process. You must remove the data first, and then the application.
    To remove the data:
    1. Open the program on your device
    2. Press the Menu button and select "About"
    3. Press the Menu button again, and select "Remove all data completely"

    To remove the application:
    1. Open the options menu on your BlackBerry
    2. Select Advanced options
    3. Select Applications
    4. Locate the program and press the BlackBerry button then select delete
    5. Connect the device to your computer and open My Computer
    6. Locate the files for your BlackBerry, and delete the Unbound Medicine folder
  5. I purchased a new handheld and want to install the application on it.
    Locate your registration email from Unbound Medicine and retrieve your serial number. Scroll to the bottom of that email and you will find a link which will guide you through the re-installation process.

  6. Where can I learn more about using Unbound Medicine products on BlackBerry devices?.
    For a more comprehensive list of FAQs regarding Unbound Medicine on the BlackBerry, please click here.

Contacting Support

Who should I contact with further questions? Click here to submit a Support Request.