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Mobile MerckMedicus utilizes Unbound Medicine’s personal knowledge management platform to integrate mobile devices and the Web, thereby delivering content, applications, and messages personalized for each end-user.

On Hand:

  • Browse content optimized for mobile devices
  • Capture questions to be answered on the web

On Sync:

  • Download updates to your mobile device
  • Sync wirelessly from any device with internet access

On the Web:

  • Receive answers to questions originally posed on your mobile device
  • Organize and share your personal Library
  • Modify handheld subscriptions based on changing needs

Memory Requirements

Mobile MerckMedicus requires up to 31 MB of available memory, depending on which content you select.


Mobile MerckMedicus is supported by all major mobile and smartphone devices. Our mobile platform offers features such as:

  • Color and high resolution support
  • Landscape mode support
  • Memory card support
  • Navigation and interface customized for your device
  • FREE automatic updates are delivered when you synchronize your device

Available Content

The Merck Manual

The purpose of The Merck Manual is to provide useful clinical information to practicing physicians, medical students, interns, residents and other healthcare professionals. The Merck Manual covers all the subjects expected in a textbook of internal medicine as well as detailed information on pediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics, gynecology, dermatology, pharmacology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, and a number of other subjects. The mobile version of The Merck Manual, Professional Edition, will be updated periodically to reflect advances in medicine. This will assist clinicians in staying current in their field of practice.

Required Memory: 10 MB

Harrison's Practice

Harrison’s Practice is a completely new resource from the expert editors of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. Practical, concise answers to your clinical questions are presented in an innovative and easy-to-navigate format that helps you quickly find everything you need to establish a diagnosis and select the right treatment option.

Required Memory: 16 MB

MEDLINE Journals

Mobile MerckMedicus can provide you with citations and abstracts for the current issue of over 300 medical journals that are searchable on MEDLINE. You are first provided with a selection of available journals that may be of more interest to your specialty. You then have the option of editing your journal list as you wish.

Required memory: approximately 15 KB per journal

RSS News

To stay up-to-date with breaking news and events, choose from 18 RSS feeds available for your mobile device. The feeds originate from the FDA, World Health Organization, National Institute of Health, and AAAS Eureka.

Springer Medical News

Springer Medical News services are widely recognized as unbiased, authoritative, and dependable, with a reputation for quality and timeliness. With content selected daily for relevance and newsworthiness, Springer Medical News is a convenient way for physicians, researchers and other medical professionals to stay informed of developments in their field. These news feeds can also be customized with a precise focus so that they cover a specific therapeutic area of interest to you.

Required Memory: approximately 15 KB per journal

Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests

Pocket Guide to Diagnostics Tests provides quick, evidence-based information on the selection and interpretation of more than 350 laboratory, imaging, and microbiology tests. You can use the many built-in navigation features to quickly review the desired information or link to related topics.

Required memory: 3 MB

Medicus eWatch

The Medicus eWATCH feature allows you to create and save MEDLINE searches and have the latest results for those searches downloaded to your mobile device. Each night, Medicus eWATCH automatically looks for new content based on the searches you have created. When new content is available, it will be sent to your device when you synchronize.

On the Web


The Mobile MerckMedicus web component allows you to customize your handheld subscriptions and manage your library of requests.

Your Record Library

Mobile MerckMedicus on the Web consists of a number of interlinking components that allow you to view and organize records saved from your handheld, manage your handheld settings, launch MEDLINE Journals, and create eWATCH searches.

Viewing Records

Saved records appear in your Library with links to more in-depth information. Records can be placed in folders of your choosing (explained below). A record can also be filed to a folder by clicking the folder name to the right of the record (currently "Infectious Diseases").

Viewing Harrison’s Practice and Mobile MerckMedicus Records

Both Mobile MerckMedicus and Harrison’s Practice are powered by the Unbound Medicine platform. If you subscribe to both applications through MerckMedicus, your Record Library (in Mobile MerckMedicus) and Archive (in Harrison’s Practice) will be merged.

For example, if you are using Mobile MerckMedicus and click the Record Library tab, you will see records saved from both Harrison’s Practice and Mobile MerckMedicus.

Conversely, if you are using the Harrison’s Practice application and click the My Archive tab (the Harrison’s Practice version of Record Library), then you will see both your Mobile MerckMedicus and Harrison’s Practice records.

Managing Records

Records are displayed in the Record Library window. The default view is of your Unfiled records; however, you can view records in a different folder or for a particular date (see below).

Use the check box to the left of each record to select it and then perform a function in the Record Manager such as File or Delete. These functions can be performed on multiple records simultaneously.

NOTE: Records are deleted when you click delete. You will not be prompted to confirm or be able to undelete records.

Managing Folders

The Folder Manager located to the left of the Record Display has two sections. View allows you to switch from folder to folder. The active folder is designated by the open folder icon; to open another folder simply click on its name.

The Manage portion allows you to perform such functions as creating new folders, renaming/recolor existing folders, or deleting folders. When you delete a folder you are given the option to delete all records in it or to move all records to the Unfiled folder.

Using the Calendar

Mobile MerckMedicus contains a Calendar display that serves a number of purposes. Beyond displaying the current date, the calendar also highlights the dates you saved records in your Library. You can select a new date using the month and year drop-down menus or click one of the highlighted days to redraw the Record Display with all your saved records beginning on that date.

HandHeld Settings

To modify your content selections, log into Mobile MerckMedicus at and click the Handheld SETTINGS tab.

Click the Handheld Settings tab to arrive at the following screen. From here, you can view, add, and delete your content selections. Any modifications to your content will be reflected on your mobile device after your next Sync.


As a highly effective web-based interface to the world’s medical literature, Unbound MEDLINE helps searchers find relevant, focused, medical information. It provides a powerful search of the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed database and allows users--both experienced and inexperienced--to formulate sophisticated MEDLINE queries. When available, links are also provided to full articles.

Classic MEDLINE Query

The Classic Query tab is selected by default. From here you may submit search terms in one or more of the available fields: Keywords, Author, and Journal. Enter a search term and click either Quick Search or Assisted Search.

Quick Search directs your search term to the Medline database as a keyword.

Assisted Search also directs your search term to the Medline database, but does so guided by the medical subject headings--or MeSH terms--you choose.

Clinical MEDLINE Query

A Clinical Query provides a filtered search of the Medline database. Filters may reduce the number of citations a search returns, but may increase the likelihood that the citations found will be relevant to your search. Unbound MEDLINE offers several methods by which to limit your Clinical Query: Subject, Category, Emphasis, and Language.

Journal Browser

The Journal Browser feature allows you to view the latest Table of Contents page from journals available in Unbound MEDLINE. Click the Journal Browser tab and you are presented with two sections: My MEDLINE Journals and All Available. The My MEDLINE Journals section lists all the Journals to which you are currently subscribed. To view the TOC of a particular Journal, click its title. To remove a Journal from the list, simply click the remove link to the right of that title.

Medicus eWatch on the Web

The Medicus eWATCH feature allows you to create and save MEDLINE searches. There are two types of eWATCH searches available: Self-Defined and Current Topic (pre-defined).

Self-Defined Searches

This eWATCH feature allows you to create and save your own MEDLINE search(es). Each time you synchronize, the most current results for that search will be delivered to your handheld device.

To begin, login to your Mobile MerckMedicus on the Web account and click the Medicus eWATCH tab. In the My Topics: Self-defined Searches section, click the Create button and you will be guided by on-screen prompts:

  • First, perform either a Classic or Clinical Query. After either type of search, you will arrive at the Medline Search Results page.
  • Next, review your search results. Once you are satisfied with your search, save it by clicking the eWATCH link in the upper-right corner of the Record Manager display.
  • Finally, use the textbox provided to name your search so that it may be uniquely identified. You may also add Notes if you wish. After you have entered the necessary information, click the Save button. You will be returned to the Medicus eWATCH page and your entry will be listed under My Topics: Self-defined Searches.

To delete an eWATCH topic, simply click the Delete link to the right of the search you wish to discard. You will then be prompted to confirm the deletion. Click OK to delete; click Cancel to return to the previous page.

Choose from Current Topics

Current Topics are MEDLINE searches created by MerckMedicus for your convenience. Topics are based on frequently used search terms on MerckMedicus. You can select Current Topics for eWATCH and have the latest search results of downloaded to your mobile device upon synchronization.

To begin, login to your Mobile MerckMedicus on the Web account and click the Medicus eWATCH tab. In the section titled Current Topics : Choose from pre-defined searches, click the Select button to be taken to the Select Current Topics screen.

Available Specialties are listed to the left of the screen. Click the name of the Specialty that interests you, and the available searches for that Specialty will appear to the right. Click the checkbox next to the eWATCH search(es) you desire and click the Update button. To select another Specialty, simply click its name from the list and repeat the process.

To return to the main eWATCH page and view your list of Current Topics, click the Medicus eWATCH tab.

To delete a Current Topic, click the Delete link to the right of the search you wish to discard.

Running an eWATCH Search on the Web

To execute either a Self-defined or Current Topic (pre-defined) search on the Web, click on the search’s name from the Medicus eWATCH page. You will then be provided with a list of the latest relevant citations from MEDLINE.

Mobile Web

Unbound Medicine offers customized views of the Mobile MerckMedicus web application for Smartphone and mobile web browsers. The mobile web version offers access to the complete resource. When you visit the website from a mobile web browser, you will see a site customized for viewing on your particular device.

User Guides

For more detailed information relevant to the type of device you use, click the appropriate link:

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