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Nurse’s Handbook of Health Assessment, published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, offers step-by-step guidance at the point of care for assessing adults, children, and special populations. It employs a “see and do” approach that focuses on health history, physical examination, normal and abnormal findings, nursing interventions, and nursing diagnoses.

The latest edition includes new content on assessing mental health and frail, elderly patients, appendices with useful sample assessments, and high quality images. Other key features include:

  • Browse by chapter or topic
  • 11 useful appendices
  • 230 high quality images
  • New information on assessing mental state
  • New information on assessing frail, elderly patients
  • Interface optimized for each device platform
  • Personalized favorites

Memory Requirements

Your device must have 2 MB of available memory to use the product. Memory cards are supported for all mobile operating systems. Depending on the device, most or all of the program will be installed to the memory card.


Nurse’s Handbook of Health Assessment is available on the following major mobile devices: BlackBerry, Android, iPhone / iPad/ iPod touch, and Windows Phone.

Our mobile platform includes features such as:

  • Pictures and Tables
  • Color and high resolution support
  • Landscape mode
  • Memory card support
  • Highly compressed data to save space on your device
  • License to access all of the reference content on one wired mobile device

User Guides

For more detailed information relevant to the type of device you use, click the appropriate link:

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Who should I contact with questions about the application?

If you need any help with this application, please be sure to visit our support website at:

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