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Nursing Central is the leading source of disease, drug, and test information for nurses. It includes a leading dictionary, literature searching, and a customizable study system we call Grasp. It provides a powerful and flexible platform for delivering knowledge to the point of need.

Features of Nursing Central for Mobile include:

  • Diseases and Disorders: A Nursing Therapeutics Manual
  • Davis’s Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests with Nursing Implications
  • Davis’s Drug Guide
  • Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
  • Unbound MEDLINE
  • Trusted content written by and for nurses on diseases, tests and procedures
  • 2000 monographs covering more than 5,000 trade and generic drugs as well as herbal products
  • Access to 65,000 dictionary terms
  • Search MEDLINE and keep up with your favorite nursing journals
  • Grasp: Build, study and share your own study decks and flashcards!
  • Glimpse: Helps you define medical terms in-text. Click on a medical term within Taber’s Dictionary and receive additional definitions of that word, as well as links to more information.


Nursing Central is available on the following major mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Our mobile platform offers features such as:


  • Device-optimized interface and intuitive navigation
  • Grasp™ study system to reinforce key concepts
  • Glimpse™ technology to help you define words in-text
  • Pictures, illustrations, tables, and dictionary pronunciations
  • Extensive Cross Links to related information
  • Auto Alerts sent straight to your mobile device
  • 5,000+ generic and trade name drugs
  • More than 65,000 dictionary entries
  • Disease, drug, test and procedure information
  • Practical guidelines for nursing diagnosis and patient care
  • Tables of content and abstracts from top nursing journals


  • Build and manage Grasp study decks
  • Instant literature search with Unbound MEDLINE
  • 1 year of web and mobile web access included

On the Web


From your homepage, you can quickly utilize different sections of Nursing Central :

  • Perform a keyword search using the Search textbox
  • Browse the available content resources
  • Review recently viewed searches in the History tab
  • Use the Favorites feature to easily recall important records
  • Stay up-to-date with news and announcements

Additionally, you may use the links in the top navigation banner to move between the main application modules: Home, Favorites, Medline, Mobile, Grasp and Browse.

Content and Navigation

The content resources available are listed in the Browse section of your homepage. To access the content view, locate the desired resource and click its title to open it.

Once you’ve selected a particular resource, use the side navigation bars to browse, view available indexes (or chapters, etc) and access additional information. More specifically:

In the left navigation bar, you will find the indexes by which your particular resource is organized (for example, alphabetical, tables of content, etc). Click an index name (for example: Topics, Specialties) to display its subsections in the main viewing area. From here you can conveniently browse each index and decide which is of most interest. Use this navigation to browse your chosen content.

The right navigation bar will appear when you access an entry’s definition view. The tools available include:

  • Search Unbound MEDLINE
  • CrossLinks - These are pre-run searches that automatically determine if records from two content sources are related. Links are bidirectional, meaning if they’re available from Point A to Point B, they will also be available from Point B to Point A. Not all content sources contain cross links(Taber’s does not, for example), and some resources may be linked to one resource but not to another. The CrossLinks feature is available for both mobile and web.
  • Related Topics - When viewing a record on the web, a search of that record title is performed and the results are automatically displayed in this section.

To return to the home page, click the Home link in the main toolbar.


Search Content

You can search Nursing Central from any screen within the application. Enter your desired term in the box labeled Search and click the button.


Performing a MEDLINE search within Nursing Central is now easier and your search results more integrated. To begin, click the Medline link in the main navigation banner.

Next, enter your search term under the Classic or Clinical tab, and click search.

You will find your search results clearly listed on the following page. When applicable, they will be followed by a series of one or more links: Abstract; Full Citation; Find Related Articles. Click the Abstract link to reveal more information without leaving that section of the page. Clicking the latter two links will bring you to a new screen within Nursing Central.

Advanced Search

The search mechanism supports searching techniques which involve changing query terms to provide a wider range of searching options. For example, you can perform:

Wildcard Searches:

Single and Multiple Character

To perform a single character wildcard search, use the "?" symbol in place of a single character. The search then looks for all terms that match the word with the single character replaced. For example, to search for long and lung, use: l?ng.

Multiple character wildcard searches look for results which include your search term, plus 0 or more characters. Place an asterisk after your query term to perform this type of search. For example, to search for long, longer or longest, you would use: long*

Wildcard searches can also be placed in the middle of a term. For instance: l*ng.

Boolean Searches

A Boolean Search combines search terms through the use of specific connecting words called operators. This application supports: "AND", "+", "OR", "NOT" and "-" as Boolean operators. Boolean search operators must be in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

The most frequently used Boolean operators are “AND” and “OR”.

Example 1: The default operator is "OR". If you do not enter any operator between search terms, "OR" is used. For example, entering "heart lungs" will search for single documents where either the term "heart" or "lung" appears.

Example 2: The "AND" operator will find documents where both search terms exist in a single document. For example, entering "heart AND lungs" will find results containing only BOTH "heart" and "lungs" in a single document.

Search Results

A search performed from anywhere within Nursing Central brings you to the search results screen.
Your results may be found within any of the content sources within the application. To the left of each entry you will find an icon indicating the resource in which the result was located.

Full Text Search

When a search is requested within your Unbound Medicine web application, a full text search is performed. This means that the term is searched throughout every word of the content, including: Title, Headings, Content, Tables, Captions, etc. This is only available on the web.

Universal Index Search

This feature allows you to search all indexes of the included titles for an exact character match. The characters can be found at the beginning, middle, or end of the index title. This feature is only available on the mobile app.


On Your Mobile

The resources that currently reside on your device are listed in the Mobile section of your homepage.

To manage your subscriptions, click the Mobile link in the main navigation banner.

Next, click the Add More button in the top right corner in order to add/remove mobile content. The resources currently on your device are displayed with a checked box before their title.

Add/Remove from Mobile device

If you wish to change what is on your mobile device, first locate the desired resource in the Mobile Resources section.

To add content, simply check the box next to the appropriate title(s).

To remove content, uncheck the box next to the title of the appropriate resource(s).

Any modifications to your content will be reflected on your mobile after your next synchronize.

Mobile Web

Unbound Medicine offers customized views of the Nursing Central web application for smartphone and mobile web browsers. The mobile web version offers access to the complete resource. When you visit the website from a mobile device, you will see a site customized for viewing on that particular device.


For detailed information on using Grasp, please click here.


Nursing Central includes multiple calculators to assist you in your work. You will find them listed in the Browse section as their own content channel, and organized in the following categories:

  • Clinical Calculators.
  • Conversion Calculators
  • Dosage Calculators
  • IV Calculators

Each calculator also includes the following sections:

  • Interpretation - Includes definitions and background information to help you understand and interpret the results of your calculation.
  • Formula - Displays the mathematical calculations, abbreviations, and terms used in the formula.


Calculators are also availabe on your smartphone and tablet. Within the Nursing Central app you will find the calculators section in its own content channel, just as on the web.

Within the Davis’s Drug Guide channel, however, use the calculator icon near the right hand corner (shown below) to access the calculator section:


The Notes feature is Unbound’s version of writing in the margins of your book, only better. Use this feature to leave a comment or reminder in the text you’re reading.

How to create a note:

1. Highlight the word or phrase where you want to place your note . A pop-up box will appear, as shown below.

2. Type your note in the Save a Note section.

3. You have the option to organize your notes by color. Select from the available choices by clicking on the approprite icon below the textbox.

4. Click Save.

That’s it! You’ve created your note.

How do I find Notes I’ve already made?

1. Notes you’ve created are easily found within the content. Simply look for the Notes icon followed by highlighted text. Hover your mouse over the icon to read the note.

User Guides

For more detailed information relevant to the type of device you use, click the appropriate link:

iPadiOSAndroidWindows Phone


Who should I contact with questions about the application?

If you need any help with this application, please be sure to visit our support website at:

Here you can request your serial number, download install files, read FAQ’s or submit a support request.